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Avoid Being the Next Data Breach Headline

Corporate data breaches are not only big news, but they also come with big—and growing—price tags. The average cost of cleaning up and recovering from a data breach is now $3.79 million, up 23% over the last two years alone.

Blame increasingly sophisticated malware. Using more advanced and targeted tactics, today’s malware has a higher success rate. Add in the growing use of cloud services and the role that internal actors play in data loss—initiating nearly half of all breaches, many unintentionally—and it’s clear that simply trying to stop hackers from getting access to your traditional network isn’t enough.

Instead, an effective data protection strategy must combine strong encryption, data loss prevention, centralized management, and common security policies that govern the flow and use of data across all your environments from on-premises applications and endpoints to file servers and cloud applications.

Stronger Data Security Across All Your Environments

Implement strong data protection technologies

With data protection technologies recognized as a leader by Gartner, we provide a full suite of data loss prevention, enterprise-grade encryption, native encryption, support for mobile encryption, and file and removable media protection.

Extend your data security

Widen data protection policies and enforcement to cover your entire IT footprint, including on-premises endpoints, file servers, and cloud services.

Make data unusable to outsiders

Lock down critical data with powerful enterprise-grade drive encryption or native encryption management on Windows and OS X systems. If a breach occurs, encryption technologies help to ensure that any data accessed is unusable to hackers.

Streamline data protection policies

Enable consistent policy deployment and enforcement, and robust reporting and incident workflow, all from a central security management platform.

Data Protection Products

Data Loss Prevention

Recognized as a Gartner Magic Quadrant leader, our comprehensive data loss prevention (DLP) suite quickly and effectively finds and monitors your data wherever it lives with an easily deployed solution.
McAfee Total Protection for Data Loss Prevention

Partner Products

Leverage the Security Innovation Alliance to extend your DLP solution. TITUS and Boldon James help IT security departments take the guesswork out of identifying sensitive data with end-user classification solutions. Instead of relying solely on automated content scanning, these solutions make DLP more intelligent and empower users to proactively identify sensitive information.

Data Protection & Encryption

Block unauthorized access to your sensitive information and prevent exfiltration—anytime, anywhere. Our data protection suites include strong encryption, DLP (Advanced suite only), policy-driven security, management of Apple FileVault and Microsoft BitLocker native encryption, and data protection for cloud storage.
McAfee Complete Data Protection—Advanced
McAfee Complete Data Protection
McAfee Complete Data Protection—Essential

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