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Busting the Myth of the Malware “Silver Bullet” Executive Summary (English)

Malware threats continue to evolve, and no single “silver bullet” solution can protect you against all of them. Juggling multiple solutions that operate in silos means more time, resources, and complexity for already-strained security teams. It’s time for a smarter approach.

Security Operations in Public Cloud Services: Going with Your Strengths (English)

Aberdeen Group discusses the move to the public cloud and the security shared responsibility model that leverages the strengths of both the public cloud service providers (architecture and infrastructure at scale) and enterprises (applications and data) to provide the enterprise with stronger capabilities than could be achieved going at it alone.

From Endpoint to Network to Cloud: Optimized Data Lifecycle Security in an Era of Pervasive Threats (English)

This paper reviews five use cases, ranging from accidental policy violations by an insider to malicious thefts by unknown applications or stolen credentials, and presents the measurable benefits of an integrated security solution and the capabilities of pervasive data protection.

Groundbreaking Threat Intelligence Advancements from McAfee Labs (English)

McAfee Labs Cloud Intelligence provides a broad set of actionable data to combat adversaries on multiple fronts.

Optimize Cloud threat Intelligence (English)

Learn how McAfee Labs Cloud Intelligence provides a broad set of actionable data to combat adversaries on multiple fronts.

Mastering the Endpoint: Forrester Technology Adoption Profile (English)

Forrester conducted an online survey of 252 IT security decision makers from the US, the UK, France, and Germany, and our findings suggest that organizations are significantly challenged by overly manual security tools and desire connected security solutions that are fast, accurate, and integrated.

Fileless Malware Execution with PowerShell Is Easier than You May Realize (English)

Fileless malware attacks occur by embedding malicious code in scripts or loading malware into memory without writing to disk. With its advanced execution control, the McAfee Application Control whitelisting solution can prevent attacks that bypass file I/O.

Report trimestrale McAfee Labs sulle minacce: Aprile 2017

McAfee Labs indaga il malware botnet Mirai che è stato responsabile del più grave attacco DDoS del 2016, descrive il contesto e le ragioni per condividere le informazioni sulle minacce, infine presenta le statistiche sulle minacce informatiche del quarto trimestre 2016.
Argomenti: McAfee Labs

Salvaguardare i dispositivi IoT per proteggersi dagli attacchi

Intel Security spiega come proteggere i dispositivi IoT e come i prodotti di Intel Security possono salvaguardare sistemi e reti da attacchi attraverso i dispositivi IoT.
Argomenti: McAfee Labs

IDC Validation Report: McAfee Integrated Threat Defense Solution (English)

In hands-on lab tests, IDC evaluated McAfee endpoint protection, SIEM, application control, web security, and IPS technologies.