Advanced Malware detection and Intrusion Prevention Systems

  • Data:6 novembre 2013
  • Ora:15.00 - 15.45 WET   Ora locale
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  • Tipo evento: Webcast
  • Sede:Online

Intrusion Prevention Systems have historically checked for known bad files and blocked any that were on a list. But what happens when the malicious files are new threats? How do you block against unknown threats or zero-day attacks? Peter Ingebrigtsen, product marketing manager of network security, will cover some of the new innovations around advanced malware and the McAfee Network Security Platform.

In our look at zero-day attacks and traditional IPS devices we'll explore:

  • What is zero-day malware, why is it bad, and what are they after?
  • IPS detection rates and throughput numbers
  • Why traditional signature-based detection isn't enough
  • Why a layered or defense in depth approach is important
  • How the McAfee Networks Security Platform uses a defense in depth architecture to protect its customers from zero-day attacks.