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  • [PDF] Service public de Wallonie
    With an integrated security framework, the government of Wallonia, Belgium has dramatically increased its ability to protect against cyberthreats today as well as in the future.
  • [PDF] Hybrid Web Gateway Protection and Ease of Management Fortify Global Security and Facilitate Compliance (WNS Global Services) Case Study
    By implementing a hybrid solution of McAfee® Web Gateway and McAfee Web Gateway Cloud Service, this global business process management company maintains a comprehensive defense against web-borne malware both on-premises and off-premises.
  • [PDF] Catholic Education South Australia
    Since deploying McAfee Endpoint Security, this large Australian education provider has increased protection against advanced threats and improved security management via the McAfee ePO console.
  • [PDF] Fairfax County Public Schools
    The migration to McAfee Endpoint Security helped this school district single-handedly manage security for more than 125,000 endpoints and provide better protection and experience for end users.
  • [PDF] Waypoint
    McAfee solutions help Waypoint CIO to focus on his main job—using technology to keep his company thriving and increase value for his company’s customers—not information security.
  • [PDF] U.S. Insurance Company
    Intelligent, collaborative endpoint security improves detection and protection for this insurance company and reduces user impact.
  • [PDF] Atrius Health
    This company is able to reduce operational costs and combat ransomware with McAfee SIEM solutions and integrated security.
    INAIL secures data and services, with the integrated security approach from McAfee.
  • [PDF] 福岡大学
    Webセキュリティ強化にMcAfee Web Gatewayを採用。パフォーマンス維持とウイルス感染の劇的な減少を両立し、更にWebのリスク「啓蒙」も実現
  • [PDF] Umivale
    We provide robust data loss prevention for Spain’s leading occupational non-profit health organization.