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WildFire Ransomware Takedown

McAfee collaborates with industry and law enforcement to take down the command and control servers operating the WildFire ransomware.

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McAfee has been at the forefront of ransomware research since we first wrote about it in the McAfee Labs Threats Report: Second Quarter 2012. Since then, we have discussed ransomware many times in McAfee Labs threats reports and blogs. If you are concerned about ransomware, here are some materials that will help you understand and protect against this form of attack.

Understanding ransomware

  • Understanding Ransomware and Strategies to Defeat It: This white paper explains the history of ransomware, enabling technologies including virtual currencies and anonymizing networks, and how ransomware works. It also provides general guidance for protecting against ransomware.
  • McAfee Labs 2016 Threats Predictions: This report includes specific predictions about ransomware in 2016. In particular, we predicted the continued growth of these attacks, a greater focus on industry sectors, and the quick payment of ransom. All three predictions came true in the first quarter of 2016.
  • Ransomware on The Rise: How to Prevent, Detect, and Recover from Malware Attacks: This TechTalk provides an overview of the ransomware landscape, what McAfee is doing to combat it, what to expect next from ransomware, and how to protect against it.
  • During FOCUS 16, McAfee’s annual security conference, several breakout sessions will focus on ransomware:
    • Unpacking Ransomware and the Ransomware Threat Landscape (part of the Advanced Threat Research and Intelligence Sharing track).
    • Deep Dive: Thwart Ransomware Now! (part of the Intelligent Endpoint Security track).
    • A Unified Security Architecture That Works: Ransomware Kung Fu (part of the Threat Intelligence Exchange and Advanced Threat Defense track).
    • Using TIE and ATD to Fight Ransomware (part of the McAfee Threat Intelligence Exchange and McAfee Advanced Threat Defense track).

Defeating ransomware

Ransomware research reports

Ransomware decryption tools