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Collaboration: The New Secret Weapon Against Advanced Threats

The answer to today’s security skill shortage and advanced threat preparedness may actually lie within your organization—your current people, processes, and technologies. A recent McAfee survey of 565 security decision-makers worldwide points to an untapped opportunity: harnessing the power of collaboration to improve preparedness and overcome the cybersecurity skills shortage.

While companies continue to invest in prevention, detection, and analysis tools, our survey revealed they also want to invest in collaboration. Organizations believe they can become 38% to 100% more effective if their threat management and incident response personnel can collaborate better.

Read this report to learn how collaboration can:

  • Contribute to real-time visibility—connecting people, processes, and technology across events, data, and systems.
  • Improve and guide execution through workflows, scripts, automation, and reporting that reduce the effort and error associated with complex processes involving multiple roles at a company.
  • Offer a hidden opportunity, ensuring that collaboration among tools fosters collaboration among people. By better utilizing the tools you have and enabling the people who use them, you’ll be able to detect, contain, and remediate more threats faster with less organizational cost.

Collaboration is not just an abstract concept, it’s a practical and necessary secret weapon in your defense against today’s advanced threats.

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