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Neutralize Advanced Threats (English)

Each month brings new media coverage of a targeted attack against a business, government, or critical infrastructure operator previously considered “invulnerable.” As more organizations encounter advance malware issues - the cost, disruption, and public humiliation of data breaches and targeted attacks become an executive-level discussion. Comprehensive threat protection requires coordination of anti-malware technologies deployed with sensitivity to performance and risk.
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Protect Critical Infrastructure (English)

Securing critical infrastructure requires protecting multiple zones, including enterprise IT, SCADA, and industrial control systems (ICS), to meet compliance regulations and ensure continuous system availability. The Security Connected framework from McAfee enables you to establish a robust security posture with integrated solutions that protect endpoint, network, and data across IT, SCADA, and ICS — without impacting system availability.
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Manage Risk & Security (English)

This solution guide addresses the importance of implementing a strategic security and risk management program focused on prevention and protection, reducing incidents and risks across the enterprise, across every device, and across the entire IT infrastructure.
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Operationalize Intelligence-Driven Response (English)

Learn about the three frameworks required for intelligence-driven response to be effective — decision, detection, and analysis.
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Protecting Information (English)

There are several solutions for protecting information that offer the added benefit of reducing costs and complexity.
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Protecting the Data Center (English)

The data center operations team is being tasked with responsibilities from building solutions for continuous compliance and virtualization to consolidation and leveraging the cloud.
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Securely Enabling Social Media (English)

There are a number of user-centric tactics such as employee awareness and policy setting that can be utilized to mitigate risks related to social media.
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