McAfee Policy Auditor for Desktop Trial Installation & Walkthrough

By mapping IT controls against predefined policy content, McAfee Policy Auditor helps you report consistently and accurately against key industry mandates and internal policies across your infrastructure or on specific targeted systems. Policy Auditor is an agent-based IT audit solution that leverages the Security Content Automation Protocol (SCAP) to automate the processes required for internal and external IT audits.

  • Streamline proof of compliance

Use prebuilt policy templates that eliminate manual effort and demonstrate adherence to key industry mandates and internal governance policies, including PCI DSS, SOX, GLBA, HIPAA, FISMA, and the best-practice frameworks ISO 27001 and COBIT.

  • Receive unprecedented integration with McAfee ePO and Vulnerability Manager
  • Get the latest standards in compliance validation

Keep updated on compliance standards. Customize and extend Policy Auditor IT controls checking

  • Prevent disruption to critical business applications with blackout window
  • Get Fast, automated import of industry benchmarks

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Trial Installation Requirements

Product components: McAfee Policy Auditor software consists of several components that are used to create benchmarks, audit systems, and display results.

The McAfee Agent and the McAfee Policy Auditor agent plug-in do not need to be installed on systems that are audited by McAfee Vulnerability Manager.

These are the McAfee Policy Auditor components as they appear in the user interface:

  • Benchmark Editor — A utility used to enable, disable, create, and edit benchmarks. Each audit must contain at least one benchmark. Ideally, audits should contain only one benchmark.
  • Benchmark Editor Content Distributor — Distributes content downloaded from McAfee LabsTM to systems.
  • Findings — Manages findings, which help you understand why an audit check failed and information about how to fix the problem.
  • PACore — The primary portion of the software that controls all other features.
  • PARollup — Uses the rollup capabilities of ePolicy Orchestrator to collect summary information from registered ePolicy Orchestrator servers and show aggregated data.
  • Policy Auditor — Handles policy and task management, audit schedules, and system management.

Update McAfee Policy Auditor content
After installing McAfee Policy Auditor on ePolicy Orchestrator software, you must update the content before using the software or rebooting the system.

  1. To check in content, select Menu | Automation | Server Tasks.
  2. Next to Update Master Repository, click Run. After running the server task, the content check-in requires approximately 30 minutes. Do not restart your machine or use McAfee Policy Auditor or McAfee Benchmark Editor while McAfee ePO software is adding content.
  3. Click Menu | Reporting | Server Task Log to verify that the new content has been checked in.

NOTE: In ePolicy Orchestrator software version 4.6, you can also update the benchmark and editor content by clicking Menu | Software | Master Repository, then clicking Actions. Pull Now and following the Pull Now wizard. For more information, see Using pull tasks to update the master repository in the ePolicy Orchestrator software version 4.6 Product Guide.