McAfee & Ponemon: Survey of Best Practices in Data Protection

  • 날짜:2011년 11월 2일 (수)
  • 이벤트 유형: 주문형 웹캐스트
  • 위치:Online

Organization’s understand the importance of protecting their IP and compliance-related data. In this Ponemon Institute survey, experienced IT executives shared their insights into how to best protect this vital data.

Join Ponemon Institute's chief executive to discover what IT executives say are best practices in data protection. Learn what their 5 key success factors are, take the opportunity to compare your organization’s approach and processes to the survey results, and gain insights to help better inform your future decisions and investments.

Learn directly from the Doe Run Company — a McAfee customer and organization embodying best practices — about their real-world perspectives on data protection as they relate to findings from the survey.

Speakers: Dr. Larry Ponemon (Chairman and Founder, Ponemon Institute) and Craig Williams (Information Security Officer, The Doe Run Company)