Advanced Evasion Techniques — Ignorance is no Excuse

  • 날짜:2014년 6월 10일 (화)
  • 시간:오전 11:00 - 오후 12:00 PST   로컬 시간
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Advanced evasion techniques (AETs) are being used by cybercriminals to gain entry into targeted networks because the countless variations of evasion methods they use are proving much more successful in dodging current methods of detection. While an intrusion prevention system might be able to thwart one of the known AETs from breaching a network, it likely would allow a similar attack that has been modified and disguised. What can organizations do exactly to ensure that they are taking the necessary measures to prevent AETs from getting into networks in the first place?

In this webcast, we explore the current conundrum that is this growing family of AETs. Discover why cybercriminals are relying on them, how these attacks look, why exactly they still prove so difficult to detect, and what practical tips companies can enlist to help battle them more effectively.