Socket Security Auditor v1.0

Application developers need to be aware that attackers can target these same client-server applications by "hijacking" the server socket. Insecurely bound server sockets allow an attacker to bind his / her own socket on the same port, gaining control of the client connections and ultimately allowing the attacker to successfully steal sensitive application user information as well as launch denial of service attacks against the application server.

McAfee Foundstone Socket Security Auditor identifies the insecurely bound sockets on the local system preventing hackers from stealing valuable information.

System Requirements

  • McAfee Foundstone Socket Security Auditor requires the use of the Microsoft .NET framework version 1.1 or later. These prerequisites may be obtained using Windows update or by visiting the website
  • McAfee Foundstone Socket Security Auditor has been tested on Windows XP, Windows 2000 workstations and Windows 2003 server running .NET v1.1. While it has not been tested on other versions of Windows, it should execute successfully on all Windows operating systems that can support the .NET framework v1.1 or higher

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