Vision v1.0

Reports all open TCP and UDP ports and maps them to the owning process or application.

Vision, a host based Forensic Utility is the GUI successor to the well-known freeware tool, Fport. This innovative new product from Foundstone shows all of the open TCP and UDP ports on a machine, displays the service that is active on each port, and maps the ports to their respective applications. Vision allows users to access a large amount of supplementary information that is useful for determining host status by displaying detailed system information, applications running, as well as processes and ports in use.

Key Features

  • Interrogate ports and identify potential "Trojan" services by using the "Port Probe" command in the port mapper. Using "Port Probe", Vision will enable you to send a customized string of information to the port. Based on the response from the port, a determination can be made to either kill the port, using the "Kill" command, or leave it as is.
  • View system events by sorting by application, process, service, port, remote IP, and device drivers in ascending or descending order.
  • Identify and review detailed information about Services and Devices to determine if they are Running or Stopped.

Some Screen Shots
List Applications Running

List of applications running

List Services Running

List of Services Running

List Devices Running

List of devices running

Q. Will Vision work on Windows 9x, Me, or XP?
A. Vision will not work on Windows 9x, or Me. It will work with Windows XP.

Q. I get “Must be Admin” error when trying to launch. I am the Administrator, so what’s the problem?
A. Check to ensure that nbt binding is enabled. In NT 4 this is done in your network interface bindings. Under Win2k check to ensure that you have the TCP/IP Netbios helper enabled.

System Requirements

  • NT 4/ Win 2000
  • NT 4 needs psapi.dll
  • 800x600 res. minimum
  • 256 colors min
  • 32MB

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