Anatomy of an Attack – How to defend against a multi-stage attack

  • Fecha:24 de septiembre de 2014
  • Tipo de evento: Webcast bajo demanda
  • Ubicación:Online

Recently, we’ve seen the emergence of multi-stage attacks, such as the widely reported Target breach. Multi-stage attacks employ multiple technologies, deployed in multiple stages, to penetrate an organization’s defences. For example, a phishing email can result in a malware download which, in turn, can collect and transfer credit card data to an external server.

In this session, respected industry analyst Michael Osterman will examine the anatomy of a multi-stage attack and describe how an organization can employ a defence- in-depth strategy to block the attempt to compromise your security at each stage.

This session is a must-see for any IT or security professional concerned with protecting an organization against the type of sophisticated, multi-stage attack which resulted in the breach of more than 40 million credit card numbers.