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The Show Must Go On! 2017 SANS Incident Response Survey (English)

Incident response is seeing a pivotal industry shift, as continuous consumption of threat intelligence and automated endpoint detection and remediation take hold.

McAfee Certification Program FAQ (English)

Learn about certification paths, training prerequisites, exam registration, and more.

Achieve Advanced Security for your Microsoft Windows 10 Platforms with McAfee Endpoint Security — Solution Brief (English)

McAfee Endpoint Protection software will keep your security aligned and your business fully protected during Windows 10 updates as a result of Microsoft’s newly established operating system release schedule.

Pathfinder Report: Machine Learning Raises Security Teams to the Next Level (English)

While machine learning can detect patterns hidden in the data at rapid speeds, the less obvious value of machine learning is providing enough automation to allow humans the time and focus to initiate creative responses when responses are less obvious.

How to Get the Most Value from Your Midmarket Security Spend (English)

Midmarket companies face many of the same security issues as large enterprises—from greyware and ransomware to the specter of crippling data loss and exposure to low-and-slow attacks.

Detect and Stop Advanced Email Threats (Cisco) Solution Brief (English)

Cisco Email Security Appliance forwards email attachments to McAfee Advanced Threat Defense to for analysis and identification of potential zero-day threats, enabling the Cisco solution to remediate based on policy.

Closing the Cybersecurity Gaps in Financial Services (English)

In a survey conducted by Ovum, financial institutions, including retail and investment banks across North America, Europe, and Asia Pacific share their concerns around the cloud, web, and the ability to detect threats faster.

Top 10: Connect to the Cloud for Security (English)

Changing work habits mean that security needs to be everywhere. Find out how it can work for you, automating manual steps that bogged your team down before. This list of top 10 security challenges can be improved by connecting your endpoints to the cloud.

SIA Solution Brief: Demisto (English)

The integration of Demisto Enterprise Platform, McAfee Enterprise Security Manager, and McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator results in an enterprise-grade solution to manage and automate incident investigation and remediation tasks.

SIA Solution Brief: Lumeta (English)

McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator software and Lumeta Spectre together provide IT with the real-time visibility required to identify, manage, and respond to endpoint security issues and threats across dynamic cloud, virtual, mobile, and physical networks.