Intel Security

Barry McPherson

Barry McPherson

Vice President, Intel Security Group
Support, Supply Chain, and Facilities

Barry McPherson is vice president for support, supply chain, and facilities in the Intel Security Group at Intel Corporation. He leads customer technical support programs, supply chain efforts, training, and facilities functions for Intel Security solutions. McPherson is responsible for promoting multiple methods of access by customers and Intel's industry partners, and for increasing customer retention and loyalty through an exemplary technical support, hardware delivery, and field service customer experience.

In 2014, McPherson received an Intel Quality Award for his organization's exceptional performance and focus on Intel values.

McPherson joined the Intel organization in 2011 with the acquisition of McAfee Inc., now part of the Intel Security Group. He joined McAfee in 2005. During his tenure at McAfee, the company's support and supply chain teams earned multiple honors from industry organizations, including the Service and Support Professionals Association (SSPA) Best Knowledge Management award, the SSPA's Consumer Support Excellence award for the McAfee ServicePortal, and recognition by the Association of Support Professionals. Earlier in his career, McPherson spent six years at Juniper Networks, where he served in global operations, business development, channel, and regional executive roles. He also previously held positions in sales, support, and operational management at Bay Networks, Siemens, GTE, and GE Capital.

McPherson attended Middlebury College and was a guest lecturer there in 2008. He has given multiple presentations at industry and support conferences in his areas of expertise, including support portfolio and support revenue growth, supply chain excellence, customer management, and customer loyalty. He has also served on technical advisory boards for SSPA and Jive Software, and is a member of local business boards in the Dallas, Texas, area.