The Hidden Truth Behind Shadow IT

See how using non-approved cloud applications can impact your security posture.

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Employees around the world are taking advantage of the cost-saving and productivity-building benefits that Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) cloud applications bring to their working environment, but many don’t realize that using these applications without IT security policies applied can lead to a negative impact on their business as a whole. The use of non-approved applications, often known as shadow IT, can lead to data being put at risk through unauthorized access or theft, increased opportunities for malware infection, and failed compliance in highly regulated industries.

Teaming up with Frost & Sullivan, we conducted a global research study and developed the report, “The Hidden Truth Behind Shadow IT” to explore the prevalence of shadow IT and its impact on the security posture of businesses experiencing this growing trend.

Highlights from the study include:

  • The prevalence of Shadow IT worldwide – and who is responsible.
  • The truth behind why employees go around IT to deploy their own applications.
  • The types of security events businesses are experiencing with SaaS applications.
  • How to address this problem with a pragmatic and open approach enabling SaaS usage, while maintaining a strong security posture.


Shadow IT Security Solution

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