Incident Response & Forensics

Detect and deflect incidents with our Detection and Response team

Our Services

Contextual Threat Intelligence

Gain a comprehensive understanding of the rapidly evolving threat landscape by proactively and forensically monitoring the threat vectors cybercriminals use. Strategically placed sensors and probes provide real-time information about the emergence and propagation of both malware and vulnerabilities.

Emergency Incident Response Services

A security breach is a daunting event, especially if you don’t have the internal resources or expertise to investigate and determine the scope of the problem. Our Emergency Incident Response (IR) Team is ready to help. Staffed with the best and most experienced IR talent in the business, we respond immediately and help you through your crisis. Our consultants provide the expertise and tools to determine what happened and how to fix it.

Forensic Investigative Services

Our Forensic Investigation Team is ready to provide the special investigative skills needed to hunt down digital data. Staffed with some of the best and most experienced forensic talent in the business, we respond immediately to help you through your crises by providing the investigative expertise and tools to answer your data breach questions.

Incident Response Partner Program

Our Incident Response (IR) Partner Program provides you with a trusted partner to handle your toughest security issues. This proactive program allows you to contract for incident response and forensic services before you need them and lock in a discounted rate. By reserving a block of hours for use when you need them, you’ll be prepared if a security breach occurs. A single phone call to the Foundstone IR Team is all that is needed.

Threat Management Lifecycle Services

Empower your security organization to identify and understand unknown, hidden threats to your business. Our comprehensive approach to identifying outlier behavior and undetected threats provides the unique ability to determine likely candidates of advanced threats in your network.

Incident Response Program Development

With our Incident Response (IR) Team at your side, you’ll receive expert guidance in building your program. We take a cross-functional approach that is inclusive of all stakeholders, creating a custom plan for your organization. Our methodology consists of a modular framework, allowing you to choose components. We also produce an IR program handbook that is easily updated. This allows you to keep your plan current as personnel, networks, and equipment change.

Incident Response Retainer Service

Combat the sharp increase of threats and steep operational costs of outsourcing IR services for your organization. Through McAfee, you gain a top tier, competitive IR retainer service to enable an efficient response in the event of a breach.

SCADA Emergency Incident Response

Get immediate response to security breaches on your SCADA network. Our first responders identify and contain the incident, offering instant remediation. This package provides a proactive approach to minimizing the effects of a security incident for the utility industry. In the event of a breach, our Emergency IR Team takes action immediately and help you through your crisis. As part of our holistic approach to identification, containment, and remediation, we combine the skills and experience of our IR team and SCADA specialists with the expertise of the industry’s leading malware researchers at McAfee Labs.