Protecting Critical Infrastructure

Resilience, efficient compliance, and instant intelligence for changing threat environments


Five requirements for critical infrastructure protection

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Securing enterprise IT, SCADA, and industrial control systems

Organizations tasked with running critical infrastructure such as oil and gas, energy, water, and chemical must do so across three disparate yet interconnected zones: enterprise IT, SCADA, and Industrial Control Systems (ICS). Where gaps once existed between these zones and communication was conducted along serial connections on proprietary systems, today’s environments are more connected than ever, leveraging the older frameworks plus expanded communication channels across IP, wireless, and mobile, and running common operating systems and applications. This has created greater efficiencies and effectiveness, but it has also introduced new types of risk.

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Securing critical networks from sophisticated cyberattacks

Security without the complexity

Critical infrastructure solutions from McAfee ensure that multiple products operate together without impacting system availability.

Better situational awareness

Expand visibility into security and operations across enterprise IT, SCADA, and ICS zones.

Multi-zone protection

Enable discovery, prevention, detection, response, audit, and management across data, the network, and endpoints within enterprise IT, SCADA, and ICS zones.

Native support

Get the broadest range of out-of-the-box support for traditional IT solutions, as well as SCADA and ICS applications and protocols.

Continuous compliance

Easily demonstrate adherence to multiple regulatory mandates. Critical infrastructure solutions from McAfee provide resilience, efficient compliance measures, and instant intelligence for changing threat environments, along with centralized management.

Protect critical infrastructure

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Energy/Oil & Gas

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ICS Security Products

Database & Endpoint Security

Combine industry-leading whitelisting and change control technology, ensuring that only trusted applications run on fixed-function devices, and get real-time database protection against external and internal threats across physical, virtual, and cloud environments.

Data Protection

Find, track, and protect sensitive information from any application or location.

Network Security

Block attacks in real time, before they can cause damage, and protect every network-connected device.

Security Information and Event Management (SIEM)

Identify critical threats, respond quickly, and easily address compliance requirements with a complete SIEM solution.

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The McAfee Foundstone professional services team can identify weaknesses in your security posture and develop actionable recommendations to mitigate the risks your environment.