Cyber Readiness

Enhance situational awareness and cyber resilience through a common operating picture across all networks


Continuous awareness of network assets, data, and activity

Cyber readiness depends on visibility and situational awareness across defense and tactical networks, comparison of internal and external activity on similar networks, and knowledge of restricted and unrestricted networks away from the battlefield. Digital dependence breeds vulnerabilities, but knowing how hackers operate, their targets, and the potential impact on your network can help you prepare. Many tactical systems are exempt from security audits and excluded from traditional risk management, but siloed systems prevent timely action against attacks and data breaches. With a continuous understanding of the entire network, you can assess risk dynamically inside and outside the network.

  • Combine discovery, prevention, detection, response, and audit within a centralized management console. These solutions help detect and remediate threats—even advanced stealth attacks and zero-day threats—sourced from inside and outside the network.
  • Act on intelligence by fusing machine-to-machine and threat intelligence with IT and mission data from endpoints, servers, databases, and applications, including network and system logs. These data streams feed analytics that support proactive risk management.

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Build continuous asset intelligence

Detect and monitor assets on your networks

Discover and monitor assets, devices, applications, and data moving onto and between domains to reduce network disruptions, data loss, and compliance violations—without affecting system performance. Understand your risk posture with an up-to-date assessment of each device’s vulnerability, behavior, configuration, active countermeasures, and impact on your state.

Collect machine-to-machine intelligence from every source

A standards-based framework captures data required for situational awareness from secret and enterprise networks to battle command and tactical combat systems. This combines with indicators from other networks to pinpoint relevant internal and external activity that affects risk.

Facilitate data protection

Use pre-integrated systems and policy-based enforcement from McAfee and TITUS to efficiently identify, classify, monitor, and control sensitive data throughout your network.

Centralize security data and operations to speed response

Streamline device management, threat monitoring, analysis, and forensic investigation within a single pane of glass environment that includes data from network and system logs. Local asset intelligence and global threat intelligence help manage risk based on a more complete scope of IT and operational networks. Automate tactical processes to focus on the most important events.

Integrate management and reporting across systems and vendors

Connect your cyber-ready environment to higher-level decision support systems, external data sources, and third-party solutions to facilitate decision-making while improving efficiency.

Protecting sensitive data with McAfee DLP & TITUS

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Data Protection

Index sensitive data stored on your network and mine this information to quickly understand how it is used, who owns it, and where it has proliferated. McAfee DLP solutions also recognize TITUS metadata markings on any document so you can control the movement of sensitive data to removable devices and through email messaging.

Database Security

Install predefined threat monitoring to secure database applications against exploitation. Scan the network for databases, determine if the latest patches have been applied, test for weaknesses, and prioritize remediation. Database security solutions also use preset patterns to identify tables containing restricted information.

Risk & Compliance

Active scanning and passive monitoring tracks the configurations and potential weaknesses of every asset and device on your network, including smartphones, tablets, and laptops that come and go between scheduled scans.

Security Information and Event Management (SIEM)

A common operational dashboard and high-speed analytics promote early threat detection and forensic readiness. Our SIEM solution scales to absorb various data feeds, and correlates that intelligence with other security-related events to present a unified picture of risk.


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