Medical Device Security

Safeguard medical devices against malware and tampering


The Internet of Things is shaping the future of medical technology

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Keep devices malware-free

Medical devices, such as diagnostic tablet computers, heart rate monitors, and MRI scanners, are just as susceptible to malware as standard laptop computers. With McAfee solutions, you can safeguard a medical device so only authorized executables and changes are allowed, and capture an audit trail of authorized changes, facilitating compliance and reporting. Read/write protection for field devices blocks the view and alteration of system data and configuration files from applications other than the original data creator. Available solutions include McAfee Integrity Control, a low-footprint solution for devices, and McAfee Embedded Control software designed for medical device manufacturers.

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Stop unauthorized changes

Safeguard devices without impacting performance

Protect medical devices with a low-overhead security solution that enforces business and manufacturing change policies, without compromising device performance.

Lower costs and reduce overhead

Save time and money with the McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator platform, a centralized security console that eases management, automates maintenance, and centralizes reporting to validate field images.

Count on 24/7 security vigilance

Secure devices with open operating systems, and prevent malware and tampering, ensuring your systems cannot be compromised.

Healthcare-friendly security: Combining usability & compliance

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