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Neutralize Threats

Threat defense isn’t just about detection

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Stopping Advanced Targeted Attacks

Endpoint defenses shouldn't just spot trouble—they need to respond quickly and remediate threats fully.

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Intellectual property, customer records, employee data—it’s valuable information in the direct sightline of cybercriminals. Unfortunately, no company, regardless of size, is immune from attacks that target this data. These targeted threats use increasingly sophisticated tactics that are difficult to detect and no match for traditional antivirus software and firewalls.

If you’ve approached fighting these emerging threats by layering on additional point products in hope that one has the capability to stop a given threat, you likely have a web of high-maintenance products, all with unique user interfaces, that don’t work with one another and only increase your operational costs. And even worse—they may not effectively protect you from the latest malware that is unique to the organization it targets. When the rules of the game have changed, you need a need a new approach to endpoint security that provides a way to continuously protect, detect, and correct the most advanced threats.

Endpoint Security for Today’s Threats

Move from point solutions to integrated security

Change the way you fight advanced threats, moving from a firefighting approach to one that addresses the entire threat defense lifecycle and leverages products that work together.

Go beyond antivirus protection

More malware samples are unique to the organization they target, making a blanket signature-based defense less effective. Extend security to adopt advanced endpoint security technologies, such as endpoint detection and response, which help identify and fight targeted attacks.

Speed threat detection and response

No security solution can be guaranteed 100% effective. If a breach is successful, ensure that you have the proper tools in place to quickly identify the threat, remediate the vulnerability, and start the cleanup process.

Make your business resilient to emerging threats

Minimize the impact that even the most sophisticated, extended threat campaigns have on your business, by ensuring that your systems and personnel can quickly bounce back from attacks.

Our Solutions

Dynamic Endpoint Threat Defense

Evolve your security and streamline your ability to protect, detect, and correct with our dynamic endpoint threat defense solution.

Integrated Threat Defense

Build an intelligent, collaborative framework that encompasses advanced threat defense and endpoint detection and response. Remove redundant or siloed technologies in favor of technologies that work together, to improve your protection and lower operational costs.

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After researching endpoint protection options, Computer Sciences Corporation turned to us for a unified security platform with easy-to-use, centralized management.

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