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Top 10 Campaigns


Operation Methbot

The ongoing fraud campaign is reported to be netting between US$3 to $5 million in fraudulent revenue per day. The operation was discove ...


Operation Shamoon 2

The attack focused on targets in Saudi Arabia and the malware used was programmed to wipe the hard disk of the infected computer. Legiti ...


Operation FormBook

The malicious software behind the campaign mainly focuses on the Aerospace, Defense Contractor, and Manufacturing sectors in the United ...


Operation Wilted Tulip

The threat actors suspected of being behind the campaign are known to use a range of tools to carry out their cyber espionage attacks. T ...


Operation Dyn Attack

The DDOS attack against DNS provider Dyn is reported to be the largest to date, with an estimated load of 1.2 terabits per second. The a ...


Operation ShadowGate

The campaign uses Revive and OpenX open-source advertising servers as gates to distribute malware. Operation ShadowGate was first discov ...


Operation ProjectSauron

A modular cyber-espionage platform that uses customized techniques and tools to remain hidden. ProjectSauron is known to target multiple ...


Operation WilySupply

The campaign targeted the technology and financial sectors and used the software supply chain of a third-party editing tool to infect sp ...


Operation Dragonfly 2.0

The attack campaign has been active since at least 2015 and focuses on the energy sector. The group behind the attacks gain access to th ...


Operation Digital Plagiarist

The campaign was first discovered in late 2016 and targets multiple sectors located around the world. The threat actors behind the opera ...

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