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Top 10 Ransomware


Locky - Ransomware

The ever evolving ransomware targets Windows users and does not infect computers using the Russian language. The malware encrypts files ...


Cerber - Ransomware

Cerber continues to evolve and is one of the most complex and sophisticated ransomware families to date. The ransomware is sold to distr ...


Sage - Ransomware

The original version appends the ".sage" extension to encrypted files and demands $150 in bitcoins for the decryption key. An ...


Spora - Ransomware

The ransomware is distributed via spam emails and uses a combination of RSA and AES encryption. The ransomware continues to evolve and h ...


Fake Globe - Ransomware

The ransomware impersonates Globe ransomware and appends various extensions to encrypted files. The ransomware continues to evolve and m ...


WannaCry - Ransomware

The ransomware uses exploits leaked by the Shadow Brokers and has infected a large number of computers including those in the government ...


Pnyetya - Ransomware

The ransomware encrypts the MBR (Master Boot Record) as well as files on the infected system. The malicious software has crippled comput ...


Jigsaw - Ransomware

The ransomware threatens to delete files every hour unless the victim pays the ransom. Victims are infected after being tricked into bel ...


Defray - Ransomware

The ransomware demands $5,000 for the decryption key and is delivered via a malicious Word document. The malicious software is known to ...


Jaff - Ransomware

The ransomware appends multiple extensions to encrypted files including .jaff and .wlu. The malicious software is distributed via spam e ...

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