This page shows details and results of our analysis on the malware Adware-OpenCandy.dll

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Threat Detail

  • Malware Type: Program
  • Malware Sub-type: Application extension
  • Protection Added: 2011-06-10

Minimum Engine


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Malware Proliferation

Adware-OpenCandy.dll is a low-risk Adware library called OCSetupHlp.dll that isbundled with several third-party installers and placed in a temporary folder on the user's system. The digitally-signed library obtains and transmits certain non-personally-identifiable information (PII) to OpenCandy servers in order to deliver additional, unrelatedinstalls to the user. The actions occur without user knowledge or consent and the library is usually deleted once the host installation is complete although it is sometimes left behind under certain installation scenarios.Some installers show an OpenCandy End User License Agreement after the data transmission hasoccurred.The additional software supplied by the use of the OpenCandy library can help offset the cost of the host software to the user.