FSMax v2.0

A scriptable, server stress testing tool.

FSMax™ - A scriptable, server stress testing tool. This tool takes a text file as input and runs a server through a series of tests based on the input. The purpose of this tool is to find buffer overflows of DOS points in a server. Be aware that the script file must be terminated by double carriage return, or you will get a script failure error when running FSMax. See how sample scripts are terminated.

Freeware Features

  • trial parameter lets you view the buffer to be sent w/o sending it
  • v parameter now toggles on verbose output - off by default.
  • norecv parameter turns off the initial receive after initial connect - on by default
  • reopen parameter turns off/on ability to reopen connections before sends

See the examples and trial runs included in the zip file. To put it lightly, many of the servers we tested didn't fair so well.


FSMax™ is a stress test tool for professional administrators.

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