The McAfee Network Security Platform Combined with Endpoint Intelligence Goes Beyond Layer 7

  • Date:20 November 2013
  • Time:15:00 - 15:45 WET   Local Time
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  • Event Type: Webcast
  • Location:Online

McAfee is continuing to pioneer a connected approach to security. Combining information at the endpoint with the information in the network gives administrators visibility beyond layer seven. The Network Security Platform along with the McAfee Endpoint Intelligent Agent allows administrators to quickly identify application behavior, identify applications as malicious or safe, and take action with a few simple steps. Peter Ingebrigtsen, product marketing manager of network security, will cover some of the new innovations around advanced malware and the McAfee Network Security Platform.

In our look at visibility beyond layer seven we'll explore:

  • How malware continues to penetrate networks
  • What it means to go beyond layer seven
  • What the Endpoint Intelligent Agent is and how it works
  • How having an Endpoint Intelligent Agent on the Network Security Platform gives you visibility into undetected malware