McAfee Augmented VPN — Intelligent Alternative for Secure Enterprise Networking

  • Date:20 August 2014
  • Time:06:00 - 07:00 PST   Local Time
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  • Event Type: Webcast
  • Location:Online

Securing communication between enterprise office sites in a flexible yet cost-effective manner is a challenge. One common option is to use MPLS based VPN services for site-to-site connectivity. However, many enterprise customers have preferred McAfee Augmented VPN, which is a cost-efficient, flexible and resilient option for MPLS. McAfee Next Generation Firewall inherently enables use of augmented VPNs.

Join this webinar to learn:

  • How combining the links into the augmented VPN removes the dependency of MPLS circuits or any other networking technology.
  • How combining links can help you consolidate bandwidth and prioritize the network flow.
  • How McAfee Security Management Center can offer you a single user interface for simplified management.
  • How McAfee Augmented VPN helps you reduce total cost of ownership.