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Actionable Threat Forensics

Finding it hard to keep up with attacks and threat incidents? Simplify and speed threat remediation, and keep your team productive in the face of today’s advanced and complex attacks.

McAfee Endpoint Security helps you take control of the threat defense lifecycle with technologies that communicate and learn from each other in real time to combat advanced threats and deliver insights with actionable threat forensics—all in language you can easily understand. Protect your productivity and get visibility into advanced threats as McAfee Endpoint Security shares events to take actions against potentially dangerous applications, downloads, websites, and files immediately.

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A Security Framework for Today and Tomorrow

Duplicate technologies and an overwhelming amount of solutions to manage. Sound familiar? With the McAfee Endpoint Security framework, you can eliminate redundancies, connect other solutions, and enable more of your defenses to communicate with each other using our endpoint security framework.

Our framework is built with the future in mind and is extensible so that you are able to centralize even more of your ongoing endpoint solutions management as your business grows.

Intelligent collaboration to protect and perform

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Our Best Protection and Performance

Speed and performance matter when defending your business from advanced threats. With McAfee Endpoint Security, you’ll get faster scans, threat updates, maximized CPU use and protection that is proven to be highly effective in third-party tests.

We also leverage intelligent, adaptive behavioral scanning to protect your processing power. Known and trusted sources will require reduced scanning and monitoring while those that are new or suspicious will be met with increased monitoring and escalating actions to protect your systems.

Unbeatable performance

  • Ranked best usability for business users by AV-Test (Read report)
  • Zero-impact user scans only run when a device is idle

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McAfee Endpoint Security is included in all of our endpoint protection suites.