It’s Time to Simplify the Threat Defense Lifecycle

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Discover how we are building a platform-based architecture with four security systems: endpoint, cloud, hybrid data centers, and threat management.

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With the rising volume and complexity of threats, and the shrinking time and resources to handle them, security practitioners must evolve their approach. The job hasn’t changed: to protect vital services and information from theft, manipulation, and loss from external and internal actors. But the way we do the job needs to change, by focusing on ways to reduce security fragmentation, automate tasks, and force-multiply capabilities.

We believe that an open and integrated system best enables organizations to effectively block threats, identify compromises, and expedite remediation. It’s at the center of our commitment to enable a safe and connected world. Building on our leading endpoint protection solutions, diverse technologies, and widely adopted and open centralized management platform, we can help you expedite the entire threat defense lifecycle.

Work with us to apply actionable intelligence, selective automation, and real-time collaboration. We’ll help you integrate a dynamic endpoint, intelligent analytics, cloud-delivered security, and centralized management into an adaptive system that protects, detects, and corrects today’s threats. Together, we can reduce the threats that get through, find them faster, and use fewer resources in the process.

Threat Defense Lifecycle


Enable users to be more productive while blocking the most pervasive attacks and disrupting never-before-seen techniques and payloads. Our hybrid, integrated system unites endpoint and cloud controls to deliver anti-malware, data protection, and web security managed through a single, centralized platform. This reduces fragmentation, allows for security automation, and enhances capabilities to combat attacks more effectively with less effort.


No single analysis or intelligence source can detect sophisticated attacks. You need multifaceted, tiered analysis that identifies atypical behavior of low-threshold attacks that would otherwise go unnoticed. This allows for detecting, containing, and resolving more issues with far less damage. Our solution gathers both local and global security intelligence, integrates an array of behavioral and contextual analytics, and leverages centralized management for better insight, more effective threat identification, and faster investigation of events.


Streamline the threat defense lifecycle by facilitating triage, investigation, and remediation. Our cloud-based management reduces maintenance while making it easier to enhance protection and policies. Security and threat insights become triggers for automated action to expedite cleanup and quickly adapt current security policies. It’s a system that learns from security incidents and continually evolves, providing you better protection going forward.

Related Products & Technologies

Related Products & Technologies

We're continually raising the bar for security, building technologies that help you fight advanced threats more efficiently. Here are the core components of our approach to simplifying the threat defense lifecycle.

  • McAfee Endpoint Threat Defense and Response: Combines machine learning analytics and behavior-based protection with endpoint detection and response capabilities.
  • McAfee Data Exchange Layer (DXL): A superhighway for sharing threat information, enabling easy integration with both McAfee products and third-party solutions.
  • McAfee Endpoint Security: Speeds threat detection and remediation with a framework that enables fast scanning, instant threat updates, and maximized CPU performance.
  • McAfee Enterprise Security Manager: At the core of our SIEM offering, it delivers the performance, actionable intelligence, and real-time situational awareness required to identify, understand, and respond to stealthy threats, while the embedded compliance framework simplifies compliance.
  • McAfee Threat Intelligence Exchange: Optimizes threat detection and response by delivering protection to all points in your enterprise as new threats emerge.