End User Device Security Framework

Implement a more effective security architecture


Greater visibility means better risk management

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A unified approach to meeting government security standards

The “End User Device Strategy: Security Framework and Controls” (EUD Security Framework) represents a simple set of Cabinet-issued guidelines that ensure devices connecting to government services do not compromise data security or introduce security risks.

Using transparent, open industry standards, such as IPsec and SSL/TLS, the Security Connected strategy from McAfee helps you meet the EUD Security Framework standards and implement a more effective security architecture. With a unified security platform that also protects from cyberthreats in real time, McAfee solutions allow laptops, tablets, and other mobile devices to connect to government networks without placing sensitive data at risk.

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Comprehensive anti-malware protection from network to endpoint

Yield the best business value

The Security Connected framework from McAfee delivers comprehensive protection and visibility across multiple device types, networks, and applications, resulting in less complexity, and more cost-effective security architecture.

Leverage an agile architecture

Gain the flexibility to choose multiple device types, operating systems, or suppliers, and still maintain the security functions. Integrate with existing security or management architecture to extend the value of your current investment.

Get assurance from our Security Connected platform

Protect from advanced malware across your endpoints, network, and services. Get integrated technology that delivers strong security beyond compliance.

Partner Solutions


Avecto helps organizations deploy secure and compliant desktops, laptops, and servers. Its mission is to enable customers to lower operating costs and improve system security through the removal of user admin rights. By removing admin rights with Avecto’s award-winning Privilege Guard technology, organizations empower all Windows-based users with the permissions they require to perform their roles, without compromising security. Customers with up to 400,000 end users have chosen Privilege Guard to help them strengthen security across their Windows environments.


TITUS provides security and compliance software that helps organizations share information securely. TITUS solutions raise awareness and meet regulatory compliance by visually alerting end users to the sensitivity of information, and its solutions are deployed to more than 1.5 million users across more than 300 military, government, and enterprise customers worldwide. Products include TITUS Classification, a leading message, document, and file classification and labeling solution; TITUS Aware, products that detect sensitive information at the desktop; and the TITUS family of security solutions for Microsoft SharePoint. TITUS email and document classification complements McAfee Data Loss Prevention (DLP) to further reduce the risk of data loss. It captures users' inherent knowledge about the sensitivity of documents and makes that information available to McAfee host- and network-based DLP in the form of metadata for more accurate decisions and reduced false positives.


Data Protection

Block unauthorized access to data on your network, in storage systems, or at the endpoint with strong encryption, removable media security, and data loss prevention.

Endpoint & Server Security

Monitor and block unwanted activity on your systems, and protect servers, applications, customer information, and databases.

Network Security

Intrusion prevention keeps unwanted traffic off of your network and protects every network-connected device.

Risk & Compliance

Block unauthorized changes to critical system files, directories, and configurations, and automate data gathering and assessment processes for internal and external system-level IT audits.

Security Information & Event Management (SIEM)

Identify and respond quickly to threats with a complete SIEM solution.