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Learn about five core areas to enable cyber resilience in government digital systems

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Public Sector Solutions

Security strategy is shifting from component-based protection to cyber resilience. As a critical supplier to governments, McAfee, through its Security Connected strategy, enables this transformation to build resilient and secure systems, bringing agility, significant cost reductions, service integrity, and trusted infrastructure to IT environments.

  • Agility—Rapidly adapt new technologies and security capabilities to secure new services and react to threats.
  • Cost reductions—Consolidate, integrate, and automate to achieve greater operational efficiencies.
  • Assurance—As a critical supplier, McAfee delivers verifiable, trusted security platforms by ensuring supply chain integrity, protecting our intellectual property from theft, and certifying our products’ security against international standards.
  • Trust—As a strategic partner, the entire McAfee organisation has demonstrated the experience, scale, and dedication necessary to make digital government a secure, trusted reality.


Comprehensive Threat Protection

Neutralize suspicious and malicious files before they do damage with an end-to-end system of real-time, integrated defenses that span threat vectors and aggregate cutting-edge analytics.

Continuous Monitoring

Integrate real-time system threat assessment, up-to-date threat intelligence, effective controls, and ongoing feedback to maximize the value of government resources and reduce the chance of a disruptive network event.

Cyber Readiness

Expand your visibility across all networks, correlating relevant, real-time risk and threat intelligence to enhance situational awareness and cyber resilience.

End-User Device Security Framework

Meet government compliance requirements with real-time global and local threat intelligence to detect and analyze attack events across endpoints and networks, and make rapid cyberdefense decisions.

Protecting Critical Infrastructure

Gain situational awareness and protective controls across enterprise IT, SCADA, and ICS zones with native device and application support.

Security Management Platform

Connect dynamic context from global threat intelligence, enterprise risk, and system security posture in real time to streamline your security operations.


Deliver optimized security and compliance with hypervisor-aware performance, helping you cost-effectively protect virtual desktops and servers.