Stonesoft Receives Fourth Consecutive NSS Labs “Recommend” Status

Solid results in NSS Labs tests manifest the strength of Stonesoft Security Engine platform

Stonesoft Press Release, Helsinki, Finland — April 15, 2013 — The Stonesoft 3202 appliance has received the “recommend” status in the latest Next Generation Firewall test by the world’s leading independent network security research and analyst organization NSS Labs.

The latest ‘recommend’ status is already the fourth in a row, demonstrating Stonesoft Security Engine platform’s solid track record. Stonesoft is the only European security vendor who has reached the “recommend” status in NSS Labs’ 2012 and 2013 Next Generation Firewall as well as the latest Intrusion Prevention System and Network Firewall Group Tests.

The 2013 Next Generation Firewall (NGFW) Comparative Analysis Report evaluated nine leading NGFW products for security effectiveness, performance, enterprise management capabilities, and total cost of ownership. It is the second group test for NGFW conducted by NSS Labs. The first test was conducted in 2012.

The NSS engineers found the Stonesoft Management Center interface to be very solid, and intuitive, and were pleased with the broad operating system support. In the false positive testing where the products were tested with clean traffic, “the Stonesoft 3202 showed excellent capacity for correctly identifying traffic and did not fire IPS alerts on non-malicious content”.

The NSS Labs test report also points out that “Stonesoft is one of a very limited number of NGFW vendors that fully normalizes data before inspection. This allows the device to decode accurately the malicious traffic, ensure minimal or zero triggering of false positives during evasion handling and, more importantly, to handle effectively all variations of common evasion techniques”.

All of Stonesoft’s appliances that have received the ‘recommend’ status in NSS group tests are equipped with Stonesoft’s ground breaking single software code based transformable Security Engine platform that is capable of multiple cyber security product roles, including FW/VPN, IPS and UTM.

“I am proud that we have reached the “recommend” status now already for the fourth time in a row. This proves the strength of our transformable Security Engine platform – regardless of the chosen product role; it provides our customers with comprehensive, uncompromised network security. We demonstrated solid performance throughout all categories of the NSS Labs Group Test and in addition were positioned a clear leader in the overall enterprise management score, among others”, says Antti Kuvaja, Director, Product Management, Stonesoft.


About Stonesoft Corporation
Stonesoft Corporation (NASDAQ OMX: SFT1V) delivers software based, dynamic, customer-driven cyber security solutions that secure information flow and simplify security management. Stonesoft serves private and public sector organizations that require high availability, ease-of-management, compliance, dynamic security, protection of critical digital assets, and business continuity against today’s rapidly evolving cyber threats. Stonesoft leads research into advanced cyber threats and the advanced evasion techniques (AETs) used in stealth, targeted cyber attacks.

The company’s product portfolio is based on one unified Security Engine software platform that is the power behind Stonesoft’s next generation firewalls, intrusion and evasion prevention systems, and SSL VPN solutions. The Security Engine back-end is augmented by the Stonesoft Management Center front-end, which enables efficient management of entire networks and brings excellent situational awareness and operational cost savings.

Stonesoft’s customer base covers more than 6,500 mid and large-sized organizations across various industries and geographical markets. Stonesoft has the highest customer retention rate in the industry due to low TCO, a flexible licensing model, and overall customer service excellence. Founded in 1990, the company’s track record is well recognized and visionary by certifiers, industry analysts and demanding customers. Stonesoft is headquartered in Helsinki, Finland. For more information visit