Cloud Data Protection (Beta)

Thank you for your interest in McAfee Cloud Data Protection (beta), our Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) solution.

In McAfee Cloud Data Protection (beta) we combine the value around visibility with data protection.

McAfee Cloud Data Protection (beta)

  • Visibility: Get insight into cloud applications being used at your enterprise.
    • Identify cloud applications in use and the associated risks.
    • Monitor sensitive data flowing between users and cloud applications.
    • Track endpoint health around threats, data leakage, and theft.
  • Controls: Protect your data on managed endpoints and sent to the cloud from unmanaged devices
    • Utilize app connectors for enhanced data protection for Box, SharePoint Online, OneDrive and Google Drive
    • Synchronize in-cloud data classification with on-premise DLP
    • Encrypt classified data at multiple enforcement points on endpoint and in cloud without needing to manage keys directly
    • Permit access to cloud services and encrypted data based on endpoint health check status
    • Single policy in sync with McAfee Web Gateway Cloud Service

Note for beta users

This beta program is aimed at providing early access to upcoming features within McAfee Cloud Data Protection.

The software is beta quality — meaning that in certain circumstances you may discover issues while using it.

Please log any issues you see on the McAfee Cloud Data Protection Beta Forum so that we can fix them in the beta environment. We will endeavor to resolve any issues logged through the beta community as fast as we can.

Please join the McAfee Cloud Data Protection Beta Forum

To start using the Cloud Data Protection Beta, please refer to the Cloud Data Protection — Beta Setup Guide.

Note: these extensions and packages, which must be used for beta, are not available via normal distribution channels (e.g. Software Manager).

Check-in Cloud Data Protection — Extensions

The following extensions need to be checked into the On-prem ePO:

Check-in and install client packages

The following packages need to be deployed to the managed end points:

Download, install and configure the on-premises key management infrastructure

Please refer to the Cloud Data Protection — Beta Setup Guide for detailed installation steps.

Additional Downloads