The Next Generation Endpoint

  • Date:October 30, 2013
  • Time:2:00 PM - 2:45 PM WET   Local Time
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  • Event Type: Webcast
  • Location:Online

Are you looking for the next generation of endpoint protection that addresses all threats to desktops, mobile devices, servers and data centers?  Join this webinar to learn more about how McAfee delivers leading endpoint protection solutions for all of the devices in your network. 

This webcast will cover:

  • How McAfee Complete Endpoint Protection suites defend against the full-threat spectrum from zero-day exploits to web attacks, protecting Windows, Mac and Linux systems, as well as mobile devices such as iPhone, iPad, and Android smartphones and tablets.
  • How McAfee Data Center Server Security Suites let you discover all workloads, protect virtual and physical servers, and securely expand into the cloud.
  • How you can act today to strengthen your server protection with a special offer.