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McAfee Cloud Threat Detection

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Strengthen existing security solutions

McAfee Cloud Threat Detection is a convenient service that plugs into existing McAfee security solutions to detect advanced malware and reveal threats. This cloud service lets you easily access an array of the latest cloud analysis techniques to enhance threat detection and optimize existing security investments. Static analysis engines extract file characteristics while sandboxing, or dynamic analysis, performs behavioral analysis. Each step of the cycle applies the power of Big Data analytics and machine learning to inspection results to detect emerging threats and minimize false positives. Tight integration between our solutions converts data on newly discovered threats into action, automating protection of these solutions to thwart similar attacks.

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Malware forensics without in-house resources

Reduce the risk of the unknown

Significant compute horsepower, numerous cloud analysis techniques, and comprehensive file type coverage provide much-needed context to grey files, effectively identifying both malicious and clean files.

Harness Big Data and machine learning power

Insight from over 25 years of data and over 2 billion files is applied to inspection, expanding detection against evasive and emerging threats and minimizing false positives.

Optimize security investments

Broaden detection of integrated solutions and automatically update protections against newly discovered threats to thwart similar attacks. Detailed indicators of compromise (IoC) enable investigation to correct and recover post-attack.

Simplify deployment of advanced threat analysis

With this cloud-based service, provisioning is fast and ongoing maintenance is eliminated as new functionality is transparently implemented. Volume-based subscription pricing eliminates cost-based barriers to entry, particularly for smaller organizations.

Expand benefits across our other products

Threat data from McAfee Cloud Threat Detection is published to McAfee Global Threat Intelligence, accelerating protection against emerging threats for all of your deployed McAfee products.

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