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Apple and Microsoft offer built-in encryption software designed to make data on a system drive unintelligible to unauthorized persons. Apple FileVault comes standard with Mac OS X and Microsoft BitLocker is included with business versions of Windows. McAfee provides management of native encryption, a software component available in several data and endpoint protection suites, to manage any combination of FileVault- and BitLocker-enabled endpoints through the McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator (McAfee ePO) management console.

Key Benefits

  • Manages native encryption on Macs and Windows.
  • Reports on encryption and compliance status.
  • Simplifies deployment and management through McAfee ePO software.
  • Enables flexibility so you can report encryption status only or fully manage and escrow encryption keys.
  • Escrows, imports, stores, and retrieves recovery keys.

How to Deploy Native Encryption Management

Management of native encryption is deployed in the same method as all McAfee encryption software. Simply deploy and enable the McAfee agent to the Mac or Windows endpoint through the McAfee ePO console. There is no need to decrypt and re-encrypt endpoints when deploying management of native encryption. It can be configured for reporting-only mode or full management mode. In reporting-only mode the system is under the user's control but McAfee ePO software still has continuous reporting oversight. In full management mode, the system is under McAfee ePO software administrative control and enforcement. Keys are escrowed in McAfee ePO software for administrative access and recovery.

For more details on best practices and deployment of native encryption, visit the Expert Center.

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