McAfee DLP Discover

Locate, classify, and protect your sensitive data with ease

Discover and protect sensitive data on premises and in the cloud

McAfee Data Loss Prevention (DLP) Discover helps find and remediate sensitive data that resides on your servers, network shares, databases, and in the cloud.

Simplified data protection

Cut the time and effort required to secure enterprise information. McAfee DLP Discover automatically scans all accessible resources to locate sensitive data, uncovers potential risks, and identifies the content owner.

Better data visibility

Unified policy creation, reporting, and management give you better visibility and control over your most vital data—whether it is on premises or in the cloud.

Remediation of data leaks

Easily review and repair violations, and prevent sensitive data from being proliferated outside of your environment. Learn the origin of content violations, register and generate signatures, and send alert notifications to protect documents.

Built-in incident workflow

In the case of a policy violation, integrated case management sends notifications to content owners and system administrators.

Prevent the loss of sensitive data

Identify the most exotic data

Classify data that does not fall into standard file categories. Using technology that defines where you can find sensitive data within a file, you can identify, categorize, and search for specific items.

Get powerful reporting

Customize summary and detail views of inventory logs and search results. Create reports on demand or schedule for regular delivery, and access over 20 preconfigured, customizable reports.

Deploy more easily

Available in both appliance and software versions, policies can be centrally deployed by McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator on multiple servers for scalability and a minimized footprint.

Five Tips to Help Protect Your Data

Based on real-world deployments and experience, here are five ways to enhance your DLP implementation.

System requirements

McAfee Data Loss Prevention solutions are supported on the McAfee DLP 5500 appliance. Learn more about the appliance specifications and access system requirements for recently discontinued DLP appliances

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Implementing and Managing a Data Loss Prevention Solution

This Securosis white paper describes how to implement, configure, and manage a data loss prevention (DLP) system.

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McAfee DLP Discover

McAfee DLP Discover helps you locate, classify, and protect your sensitive data.

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Keep Your Data Safe for Office 365

McAfee data loss prevention offers expansive, yet flexible, policies and templates that can help address risky employee behavior by protecting sensitive data from day-to-day user actions.

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