Continuous Incident Response

Minimize the risk and impact of data breaches


Detect and disrupt attacks earlier

McAfee experts and products help optimize incident response, so you can detect attacks early, strengthen defenses over time, block or disrupt attacks before compromise or data exfiltration, and minimize the time, effort, and cost of containment and cleanup.

Our approach to incident response unifies prevention, detection, and response. Inject more meaningful intelligence, correlate and contextualize data into actionable indicators of attack (IoAs), and automate analysis and workflows so investigators can scope, contain, and remediate high-priority events. With our adaptive threat prevention model, your controls continuously get smarter, giving you a sustainable advantage in the fight against advanced and targeted attacks.

Empower defenses to get stronger over time

Use the attack chain to close detection gaps

Detect and deny attackers at every step. Deploy reconnaissance signatures, reputation, location, behavioral tools, and gateway controls. Harden endpoints to minimize exploitable surfaces, shut down command and control traffic, and block exfiltration at the gateway.

Collect and compile IoAs to reveal suspicious events

Turn unknown attributes, indicators of compromise (IoCs), and contextual information, including organizational intelligence and risk, into a dynamic, situational picture that guides response.

Baseline your world to detect change

Accumulate events to set a baseline, then monitor and get alerts on deviations. Use correlation rules for greater sophistication and sensitivity to targeted attacks.

Eliminate false positives and noise

Integrate dynamic context and an array of threat and organizational intelligence into real-time analytics so responders immediately see and act on the high-priority events and IoAs.

Contain, mitigate, and remediate instantly, with confidence

Use proven workflows, thresholds, tags, and scripts to investigate with a click of the mouse, or launch policy updates, re-imaging, and quarantines automatically through out-of-the-box integrations and scriptable interfaces.

Stay ahead of evolving attacks

Let our experts help you implement and maintain a resilient incident response program.

IoAs: Act earlier and more definitively to disrupt attacks

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Can Your Incident Response Keep Pace with Evolving Endpoint Threats?

Can Your Incident Response Keep Pace with Evolving Endpoint Threats?

McAfee Endpoint Threat Defense and Response, includes our automated endpoint detection and response solution, finds, fixes, and learns from attacks to secure the endpoint.

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Data Protection

Safeguard intellectual property and ensure compliance by protecting sensitive data wherever it lives.

Web Security

Consolidate inbound threat protection, advanced compliance, and data loss prevention.

Endpoint Protection

Remotely clean and repair infected, disabled, or quarantined systems.

Network Security

Protect networks with multiple intelligence-aware security controls. By leveraging threat information from multiple sources, you gain a real-time understanding of internal and external threats. Stop advanced malware and zero-day threats with dynamic and static analysis, and enable fast response to network-borne attacks.

Security Management

Unify management of endpoint, network, and data security, and narrow the gap from threat encounter to containment. SIEM solutions collect and correlate event, behavior, and alert information from multiple sources, delivering a full depiction of the attack.

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McAfee Foundstone guides enterprises of all sizes on the best ways to maintain a strong security posture. Our teams of security experts provide immediate incident response services to address security breaches and help develop incident response programs.