Intelligence-Driven Response

Build a resilient cyberdefense


Speed incident response through better security visibility

Combat threats and maintain service availability even as cyberattacks become more stealthy and persistent. By optimizing fundamental systems and processes, you enhance incident response speed and security visibility, and direct resources to areas where they have the most impact.

  • Broaden visibility from endpoints to the data center. Inline and out-of-band traffic analysis validate suspicious events quickly. Identify malicious actions and intrusions, and leverage that knowledge to disrupt in-process events.
  • Prioritize responses. Enhance external threat intelligence with local intelligence gathered from sensor grids throughout your network, driving rapid threat mitigation. Where possible, policies launch automated responses, reducing the attack surface and potential impact.
  • Integrate incident analysis. Captured intelligence from attempted intrusions works to prevent new attacks and speed detection of future attempts.
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Stay ahead of threats with real-time intelligence

Adapt analysis to your network protection

Detect and analyze attacks facing government environments: client-side exploitation and web-borne attacks on unrestricted Internet-facing networks; insider threats and data breaches on restricted and classified networks; and denial of service, privilege escalation, and rogue devices threatening data center security.

Design intelligence within to maintain resilience

Build a data strategy that provides in-depth visibility and integrates real-time intelligence from global and local sources. Integration with traditional IT systems and decision frameworks such as CyberScope and HP Secure Boardroom supports machine-to-machine data collection and exchange for continuous monitoring.

Evolve without pain

Integrate extra analysis without a forklift upgrade in sensor hardware. Use the McAfee decision framework as an integration point for multiple information domains and partner solutions.

Report, measure, and evaluate easily

Centralize reporting for better metrics and accountability. SIEM solutions help develop incident response metrics that measure the performance of the program and align with operational requirements to determine mission impact.

Efficient continuous diagnostics and mitigation

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Endpoint Security

Block unauthorized applications and code on servers, corporate desktops, and fixed-function devices with centrally managed whitelisting. Layer anti-malware protection, access control, and centralized policy-based management with host intrusion prevention to block unwanted activity.

Network Security

Protect network-connected devices against advanced, targeted attacks through full stack inspection, protocol anomaly detection, advanced behavior analytics, and reputation-based analysis.

Security Information and Event Management (SIEM)

Identify critical threats, respond quickly, and easily address compliance requirements with our complete SIEM solution that includes global threat and enterprise risk feeds.

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IT professionals charged with security may inadvertently ignore malware attacks or mistakenly diagnose them as system or network problems. The McAfee Foundstone professional services team offers a comprehensive, technically oriented course that enables you to identify, respond to, and recover from malware incidents.


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