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McAfee Endpoint Security is an integrated solution that replaces several individual legacy endpoint products, including McAfee VirusScan Enterprise, McAfee Host IPS Firewall, and McAfee SiteAdvisor web filtering. For customers with a McAfee Endpoint Security suite product with an active Support subscription, migrating to McAfee Endpoint Security v10.5 is included at no additional cost. Use the tools below to plan, deploy, and optimize your migration.

Two Easy Migration Paths

Choosing your path: Do you want to retain any current settings and assignments for your legacy products?

No: Install McAfee Endpoint Security without migrating. Follow the instructions in the McAfee Endpoint Security Installation Guide.
Yes: Use the Migration Assistant to transfer your settings before deploying McAfee Endpoint Security to systems. If you want to migrate your settings, decide whether to migrate automatically or manually.

Automatic Migration

Automatic migration is a hands-off process and the Migration Assistant makes all decisions behind the scenes. Customers create new policies and client tasks automatically, based on current product settings, and assign them to groups and managed systems based on current assignments.

Recommended for:

• Networks with fewer than 250 managed systems.
• Customers who use default policy settings or a minimum number of custom policies.
• Customers migrating the Host IPS Catalog.


• Requires minimal user input.
• Migrates all settings, including policies and client tasks, for each supported product at the same time.
• Retains policy and client task assignments.
• Migrates the Host IPS Catalog.

Automatic Migration Guide >

Manual Migration

Manual migration is a hands-on process that does not retain assignments. You make most of the migration decisions by selecting the objects to migrate and editing their settings, if needed.

Recommended for:

• Networks with more than 250 managed systems.
• Customers who use multiple custom policies.
• Customers who want to fine-tune existing policy settings.
• Customers who want to fine-tune assignments.
• Customers who want personally supervise and approve each step of the migration process.


• Allows you to select each policy and client task to migrate.
• Allows you to edit the settings for each policy or client task to migrate.

Manual Migration Guide >

How to Migrate

Step 2:
Deploy your New Endpoint Security

Step 3:
Optimize your New Endpoint Security

Access the following resources to ensure your solution is aligned with business processes and remains tuned through periodic assessments.

Professional Services

Our Professional Services team can provide the guidance and expertise to ensure a successful migration within more complex upgrade scenarios. Contact Professional Services to learn how to optimize your policies, start a pilot upgrade, assess your complete McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator environment, and manage a full McAfee Endpoint Security deployment.

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