Cybersecurity: For Defenders, It’s about Time

In multiple areas of cybersecurity, time works in favor of the attackers—making time the strategic advantage that defenders need to regain. In this report, Aberdeen Group provides four illustrative examples of how recapturing the advantage of time helps you reduce risk in the fundamental categories of data protection, threat detection and incident response, data center and cloud security, and endpoint security.

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Transform Time into a Cybersecurity Advantage

Join this on-demand webcast for a discussion about how to transform time from being a white hat’s enemy to a cybersecurity advantage. Learn about:

• Four areas where adversaries have the edge today.
• The quantifiable reduced risk to your business once time is on your side.
• How cybersecurity professionals need to work outside of traditional IT constraints to move from the defense to the offense.


Derek Brink

Derek Brink
Vice President, Research Fellow
Aberdeen Research

Candace Worley

Candace Worley
Vice President, Chief Technical Strategist

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