Risk Management

Complete visibility into your risk posture

Get proactive about managing risk

Make sense out big data, learn to evaluate risk, and act on the most critical events.

Efficient continuous diagnostics and mitigation (CDM)

Learn more about the federal CDM program, a framework to adopting security best practices with less cost and complexity.

Risk Management Solutions

Optimize application, data, and asset security while reducing risk and costs. With risk management solutions from McAfee, you strengthen your risk posture by automatically discovering the most vulnerable assets; implementing necessary endpoint, network, and data security software; and setting up continuous monitoring and management of your IT environment.

Managing Change

Managing change is a constant battle when you are dealing with multiple operating systems, networks, servers, desktops/laptops, users, applications, and databases. McAfee can help you automatically assimilate the beneficial changes to your environment while preventing disruptive changes.

Managing the New Perimeter

With a complete mix of business and personal data residing on company systems and websites, IT environments have redefined boundaries of where business information exists. Protect all your information assets, no matter where they exist, so you can handle the complexity and scale that comes with this new generation of computing.

Risk Visibility

Assess risk, quantify the problem, and take appropriate action based on key metrics. Through continuous monitoring and management of your IT environment, get complete visibility into your risk posture while reducing the headaches, complexity, and expense of managing IT risk.