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Integrating Security Across All of Your Clouds

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Cloud computing has changed the way business is conducted. Elastic compute, storage, and application usage increase innovation and collaboration. With a growing number of connected devices, the cloud also provides the ability to scale up or down to respond quickly to changing market conditions. Yet, many organizations are hesitant to fully leverage the cloud, citing concerns about compliance, data loss, and unauthorized access.

Instantaneous cloud-based access means that vital intellectual property and enterprise and customer data are scattered across multiple infrastructures. Most data centers today have a hybrid infrastructure that spans physical, virtualized, and cloud deployments, both on premises and off premises. The key driver for this massive data center transformation is a need to keep up with the changing compute landscape and, more importantly, to provide agile IT infrastructure services to help meet business expansion goals.

New Technologies, New Ways to Approach Cloud Security

Integrate security across your complex environment

From traditional on-premises data centers to private and public cloud solutions, you must protect your entire corporate IT infrastructure across physical, virtual, and cloud environments.

Gain visibility into shadow IT to enable your business

Expand visibility into cloud operations and workloads. Identify your data in cloud services, monitor how that data is being used, and protect it with a common set of security policies.

Embrace new technologies that carry your business forward

Support new devices, applications, and cloud services without introducing security risks. Meet demand for access to these cutting-edge technologies without the need for additional IT staff.

Detect and remediate breaches

When it comes to attacks, it’s not “if” but “when.” Quickly identify and remediate attacks with integrated security that spans your entire IT infrastructure, on premises and in the private and public cloud.

Our Secure Cloud Solutions

Hybrid Cloud Security

As your data center evolves, ensure you integrate security across your private and public cloud environments with common security policies and a central security management platform.

Private Cloud Security

Power your transformation to a highly virtualized, software-defined data center with visibility and integrated security architected into all workloads.

Public Cloud Security

Obtain visibility of SaaS applications, IaaS workloads, and where your sensitive data resides in the public cloud. Control access to cloud services, protect your workloads, and secure your data in the cloud.

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