Security Connected for the Public Sector

An integrated security platform for resilient government IT security


The top 20 critical controls for effective cyber defense

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A framework to optimize IT security

With more than 15 years of service to public sector organizations worldwide, McAfee provides services, software, and solutions that enable an optimized IT security architecture. The Security Connected framework from McAfee improves situational awareness and uses real-time threat intelligence to protect data, systems, and networks against emerging targeted threats—from insiders and external sources. This open and integrated platform allows government agencies to safely modernize service delivery infrastructure and leverage technologies such as mobile devices, cloud computing, virtualization, and big security data.

Gain visibility with real-time threat intelligence

Unburden IT to maximize resources and efficiency

Streamline and automate protection and incident management processes, reducing overhead so government IT focus on important events.

Enable more effective security

Connect real-time global and local threat intelligence with data from distributed security operations for better network visibility.

Change your security stance from reactive to proactive

The Security Connected reference architecture provides a concrete path from concept to implementation so you can dig into your high-priority challenges.

A flexible platform to suit every security need

Our framework adapts to accommodate your evolving infrastructure, risks, and business objectives.

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