McAfee Network Security Platform

McAfee Network Security Platform

A uniquely intelligent intrusion prevention security solution that discovers and blocks sophisticated threats in the network


McAfee Network Security Platform is an intelligent intrusion prevention system (IPS) solution that discovers and blocks sophisticated threats in the network. Using multiple, advanced signature-less detection techniques such as Advanced Threat Defense, real-time emulation, and endpoint integration, it moves beyond mere pattern matching to offer advanced network intrusion detection that defends against unknown stealthy attacks with extreme accuracy. The next-generation hardware platform scales to speeds of over 40 Gbps, ensuring performance is available to meet the needs of demanding networks.

With its Security Connected approach to security management, Network Security Platform organizes multiple security technologies to collectively tackle elusive and evasive attacks that are missed when only one approach is used in an intrusion detection system (IDS). This intelligent application of behavioral heuristics with real-time McAfee Global Threat Intelligence feeds accurately identifies and prevents malicious attacks for which no signature exists.

All security and management information is displayed in a correlated format that reduces the time needed and human error in detecting network intrusions. Tasks are energized when details are prioritized, so only the needed IPS/IDS data is progressively disclosed precisely when it is needed. Time saved and errors avoided drive down operation costs and free personnel to work on other projects. Network Security Platform streamlines security operations with beyond layer-7 visibility to expose hidden attack patterns for fast, accurate response to network-borne attacks.

Leader & Visionary: McAfee IPS is a Gartner Magic Quadrant leader yet again.

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McAfee leads in IPS security and value

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Features & Benefits

Attain unparalleled network intrusion prevention

Unparalleled intrusion detection and prevention is born from identifying both the known and unknown attack. Leveraging multiple signature-less intrusion detection engines as well as ultra-efficient, vulnerability-based signature detection, this next generation network IPS appliance expertly defends against advanced malware and zero-day attacks with unprecedented accuracy. Advanced signature-less inspection of malware provides comprehensive protection from the unknown attack, while low-touch signature defenses efficiently defend against known threats, all the while keeping administration efforts and operation costs low.

Get an intelligent intrusion detection system

Reduce the expertise needed and time required to monitor and investigate security events, while simplifying the administration of large and complex deployments. Progressive disclosure delivers the right IPS/IDS information when and where you need it through guided drill downs, while hierarchal management scales for the largest deployments.

Leverage global malware protection

Get comprehensive malware coverage by intelligently directing a portfolio of antimalware defenses. Confidently reduce malware security holes, with more defenses than any other vendor, against this newest and deadliest network security attack vector.

Use our Security Connected framework

Improve network security posture, optimizes network security for greater cost effectiveness, and aligns intrusion detection and prevention strategically with business initiatives. Security Connected is McAfee’s integrated approach to network IPS that seamlessly incorporates data and workflows from other security products.

Attain performance and scalability

Get reliable performance so the best intrusion prevention appliance is available under the heaviest loads, as the network grows, or even if segments of the network fail. Achieve high-performance, multi-gigabit throughput even when next-generation features, enabled with stateful fail-over, are available.

Gain visibility and control

Get user and device intelligence that seamlessly integrates into controls, analysis, and reporting in deep applications. This deep visibility uncovers suspicious anomalies that cannot be seen in aggregate, allowing more flexibility to align control policies to the needs of the organization.

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Network Security Platform is an intrusion prevention appliance that uses multiple detection engines to alert on today’s stealthy malware.

Use event correlation and progressive disclosure workflows to prioritize events, improve detection, and speed investigation.

Network Security Platform uses new advanced intrusion detection capabilities to uncover both known and unknown botnets.

Network Security Platform includes application visibility and control of over 1,100 applications and protocols.

Prevent denial-of-service attempts through connection limiting based on geo-location, IP reputation, and a number of other factors.

McAfee Endpoint Intelligence provides real-time, per-flow endpoint traffic correlation. This solution leverages intelligence in the network and on every Windows host to reveal relationships between endpoint executables and network traffic flows.

Network Security Platform incorporates McAfee Global Threat Intelligence to check the reputation of network communications based on billions of unique file, IP, URL, protocol, and geo-location data around the globe.


Explore the key features of McAfee Network Security Platform and learn more about how it integrates with McAfee Vulnerability Manager and McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator.


Your IPS needs both signature and signature-less defenses.

Awards / Reviews

The Business Value of Using McAfee IPS — IDC

Leading market intelligence firm IDC provides a compelling view of the business value and benefits gained from using McAfee Network Security Platform. Derived from in-depth interviews with existing McAfee IPS customers, the report data shows how an IPS can provide cost and time savings across an organization.

Magic Quadrant for Intrusion Prevention Systems: Leader and Visionary

Leading research firm Gartner, Inc. has placed Intel Security in the leaders quadrant in its “Magic Quadrant for Intrusion Prevention Systems”. This marks the eighth consecutive time that McAfee was named a leader in this quadrant.

NSS Labs
Malware Threat Detection Effectiveness

In testing performed by NSS Labs, McAfee Network Security Platform has the highest security effectiveness rate, blocking more exploits than other IPS vendors.

NSS Labs
NSS Labs issues highly coveted Recommended rating for McAfee Network Security platform

NSS Labs tests the industry's leading Network Intrusion Prevention vendors on dozens of criteria and releases their finding in Product Analysis Reports. Read NSS Labs latest Security Value Map report to see how McAfee has become the leader in security and value as rated by NSS Labs.

CRN Ranks McAfee in their 2013 Top 25 Best Companies to Partner With

Ranked by IT solution providers (SPs), CRN Research ranks the Top 25 must-have technology suppliers from a list of nearly 230 companies in 12 product categories that SPs need to consider when formalizing their partnerships today and for the future. 1,000 unique SPs of all types and sizes were surveyed.

Customer Stories

Bank Central Asia

Bank Central Asia, a regional public bank in Indonesia, centralizes security management with McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator.

  • Eased compliance with internal and industry regulations.
  • Resulted in time savings with centralized management.
  • Provided integrated solutions to keep computers, the network, and data protected.

California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR)

Leveraging the Security Connected strategy, the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation implemented SIEM, network IPS, data protection, and endpoint security solutions to secure its distributed IT environment over 37 locations.

  • Compliance with policy standards.
  • Dashboards enable centralized security management and provide easy access for executive reporting.

City of Chicago

Chicago protects its critical infrastructure with an integrated solution from McAfee, combining SIEM, endpoint, and network security.

  • Maximized staff resources.
  • Malware incidents reduced by 2,000%.
  • Centralized management and analysis.
  • Integrated security event logging that captures events throughout the environment.

Eagle Rock Energy

Eagle Rock strengthens its security infrastructure with the addition of new security management and network security solutions.

  • Integrated security architecture paves the way for business expansion.
  • Comprehensive threat detection ensures that security events from every source are noted and logged.
  • The combination of McAfee Web Gateway and McAfee Advanced Threat Defense thwarts inbound threats from the Internet.
  • Intrusion prevention monitors both external and internal activity.

Leading Mexican Bank

The Mexican branch of a leading worldwide bank is at the forefront of security with McAfee Network Security Platform and McAfee Professional Services.

Macquarie Telecom

This leading Australian hosted IT provider drives a growing managed services business with Security Connected.

  • Fully integrated security platform easily managed from a central dashboard.
  • Visibility and control for clients over their hosted security environments.
  • Competitive advantage through partnership with a trusted technology provider.

State of Colorado

McAfee SIEM solutions help the state of Colorado meet compliance requirements and remain cost effective.

  • Aggressively achieved first five controls per set goal
  • Ability to administer virus scans and obtain software inventory with McAfee ePO software
  • Vulnerability ranking within McAfee Enterprise Security Manager allows for more immediate and effective remediation

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Data Sheets

McAfee Network Security Platform (NS-Series)

For a technical summary on the McAfee product listed above, please view the product data sheet.

McAfee Network Security Platform (M-Series)

For a technical summary on the McAfee product listed above, please view the product data sheet.

Virtual Network Security Platform

McAfee Network Security Platform virtual sensor is a full-featured advanced intrusion prevention system (IPS) solution ready for the unique demands of virtual environments. This intelligent security solution discovers and blocks sophisticated threats in virtual networks with unmatched speed, accuracy, and simplicity.


IDC Business Value Snapshot

This snapshot of the IDC white paper "The Business Value of Network-Based Intrusion Prevention Systems," provides key data about McAfee Network Security Platform performance.

SANS Top 20 Critical Controls Poster

The top 20 critical controls for effective cyberdefense.

Get a True Understanding of Malware DNA

McAfee Network Security Platform can amplify existing signature and snort-based technologies to provide a true understanding of malware DNA.

Bury Threats Before They Bury Your Business

Bury threats with McAfee’s Network Security Platform comprehensive signature-less approach to malware detection.


Dissecting the Top Five Network Attack Methods: A Thief's Perspective

This report offers forensic insight into five of the most common network attack methods that data thieves love to use. It also provides practical guidance on how criminals view your network, how to use that information to maintain a dynamic security profile, and ways to minimize the likelihood of a breach and its injurious repercussions.

The Top Five Network Attack Methods

This report offers insight into five of the most common network attack methods cybercriminals love to use. It provides valuable insight on how attackers target sensitive data and steal intellectual property, as well as guidance on what you can do to minimize the likelihood of a breach and its repercussions.

Gartner Report: Avoid These Dirty Dozen Network Security Worst Practices

This report identifies 12 commonly observed network security practices that reduce network availability, increase expenditure or risks, and alienate end users.

Magic Quadrant for Intrusion Prevention Systems: Leader and Visionary

Leading research firm Gartner, Inc. has placed Intel Security in the leaders quadrant in its “Magic Quadrant for Intrusion Prevention Systems”. This marks the eighth consecutive time that McAfee was named a leader in this quadrant.

SANS Report: Critical Security Controls: From Adoption to Implementation

A recent SANS survey provides an in-depth look at the primary industries adopting critical security controls and how they approach implementation.

AV-Test Signature-less IPS Report

Signatures are great for blocking known attacks, but a comprehensive signature-less architecture is needed to block new and unknown attacks. AV-Test validated that McAfee signature-less inspection blocks 99.98% of malware without any signatures enabled. Read the report to learn how McAfee IPS has raised the bar on IPS inspection and enables security beyond the signature.

Data Center IPS Comparative Analysis: Total Cost of Ownership

By using total cost of ownership (TCO) instead of purchase price, it is possible to factor in management of the device via labor costs associated with product installation, maintenance, upkeep, and tuning.

NSS Labs 2014 Comparative Analysis Report for McAfee Network Security Platform NS-9300

NSS Labs Ranks McAfee as a Leader in Security and Value.

NSS Labs 2013 Product Analysis Report for McAfee Network Security Platform NS-9200

NSS Labs Ranks McAfee as a Leader in Security and Value.

Next-Generation Network Security

McAfee and Intel have joined forces to create next-generation network security that detects threats before they reach networks.

McAfee IPS Appliance Test

AV-TEST performed a review of McAfee’s IPS solution for the enterprise to determine malware detection and blocking capabilities.

NSS Labs 2012 Product Analysis Report for McAfee Network Security Platform M-8000

NSS Labs tests the industry's leading Network Intrusion Prevention vendors on dozens of criteria and releases their finding in Product Analysis Reports. In this report, the McAfee Network Security Platform M-8000 is rated on its security effectiveness, performance, management, TCO and overall value.

Solution Briefs

Protocol-Based IPS Architecture

This brief discusses the Intel Security approach to protocol-based Intrusion Prevention System inspection and how it differs from other security vendors. Intel Security uses protocol inspection as the foundation of IPS solutions and builds advanced intelligence on top of this architecture to provide superior protection and IPS performance.

McAfee Network Security Platform for the Data Center

McAfee Network Security Platform combines extraordinary performance, advanced signature-less inspection, deep integration with other security systems, intelligent central management, and scalability to secure the very largest environments, making it the IPS of choice for the world’s most demanding data centers.

Advanced Threat Defense for Network IPS

Many of today’s unknown, zero-day threats evade traditional signature-based defenses. The addition of third-party sandbox appliances can help, but they have several limitations: high cost of deployment, reliance on a generic virtualized environments, and limited analysis techniques, making the sandbox vulnerable to crafty malware designed to bypass analysis. McAfee Network Security Platform IPS and McAfee Advanced Threat Defense work together to find sophisticated threats, freeze them so they cannot infiltrate, and fix the damage done.

SIEM: Five Requirements that Solve the Bigger Business Issues

McAfee spoke with SIEM users and asked them to tell us about their primary issues with SIEM. This brief lists the top five issues along with corresponding customer case studies and use cases.

McAfee Network Security Platform: Services Solutions for Managed Service Providers (MSP)

With attacks on the rise, IT budgets constrained, and experienced security personnel in short supply, businesses are looking to Managed Service Providers to help fill the gap. McAfee Network Security Platform is uniquely intelligent and purpose-built to offer unmatched protection, performance, and multitenant scale for your intrusion prevention system (IPS) services.

Supercharge Your Security with IPS and SIEM

McAfee Network Security Platform and McAfee Enterprise Security Manager bring together real-time network protection, enterprise-wide situational awareness, and a responsive, investigation platform — in a seamlessly integrated solution that identifies and blocks more threats while ensuring rapid response to successful attacks as they emerge.

White Papers

Protect Critical Assets with Virtual Patching

This white paper discusses virtual patching and how using predictive threat coverage, automated vulnerability scanning, and risk visualization is a scalable and cost-effective approach to protecting critical assets.

The Business Value of Using McAfee IPS — IDC

In this white paper, leading market intelligence firm IDC provides a compelling view of the business value and benefits gained from using McAfee Network Security Platform. Derived from in-depth interviews with existing McAfee IPS customers, the report data shows how an IPS can provide cost and time savings across an organization.

Signature-less IPS: Secure Beyond the Signature

Learn how the McAfee signature-less intrusion prevention system (IPS) technology is changing the way malware is detected and blocked. Signature-based detection provides an important foundation for intrusion inspection, but a layered signature-less architecture greatly enhances malware detection and reduces the risk. Read about the seven signature-less detection methods McAfee offers and how they are transforming IPS.

Beyond Layer-7 Visibility: A Simpler Path to Endpoint Intelligence

Security products with layer-7 visibility are great. But in order to dramatically improve your understanding of security events, you need to extend your vision to the specific application processes responsible for initiating a connection. It’s something we call Beyond Layer-7 Visibility.

SANS Survey: Incident Response – How to Fight Back

SANS recently surveyed incident response (IR) teams to get a clearer picture of what they're up against today. The results are in; most organizations lack formalized IR plans, they expressed a need to collect and correlate threat intelligence and SIEM tools are their focus for improving IR capabilities.

The Blended IPS: Leveraging Snort and Optimizing Malware Security

This paper is to present the satisfied Snort user and open source security proponent with an effective way to add advanced malware detection and automated threat blocking to an existing Snort-based intrusion prevention system (IPS).

Conquer the Top 20 Critical Security Controls

Critical Security Controls (CSCs) help organizations break down operational silos by providing a pragmatic blueprint detailing where to focus efforts to achieve the greatest results. This white paper maps the quick wins within the first five CSCs to associated McAfee products, services, and partner solution capabilities — all part of the Security Connected platform.

Security Management 2.5 – Replacing Your SIEM Yet?

This paper will walk you through the entire process — from soup to nuts — of evaluating, selecting, and deploying a SIEM. It offers pragmatic advice on how to get it done based on years working through this process as both consumers and vendors of SIEM technology. The process is not always painless, but we are certain it will help you avoid foundering on bad technology and inter-office politics. You owe it to yourself and your organization to ask the right questions and to get answers. It is time to slay the sacred cow of your substantial SIEM investment, and to figure out your best path forward.

The 7 Deadly Threats to 4G - 4G LTE Security Roadmap and Reference Design

This paper provides a detailed review of seven threats that take on unique profiles within 4G networks. It also offers a security reference architecture to efficiently counter these threats with minimal cost or service disruption.

Security Connected from McAfee: Comprehensive, Cost-Effective Security

With federal budgets trending downward and both cyberthreats and mandates heading upward, the question becomes, "Can you get comprehensive cybersecurity that provides real-time threat visibility and protection at a reasonable cost? The answer is yes."

A Prudent Approach to Next-Generation Network Security

According to Enterprise Strategy Group, a prudent approach to next-generation network security requires more hands-on planning, product evaluations, and real-world testing — and less reliance on third-party lab testing and market reports alone.

McAfee Network Security Platform: The Next-Generation Network IPS

This white paper discusses how the McAfee Network Security Platform can help organizations unify network security across physical and virtual environments, streamline security operations, and protect themselves from emerging malware, zero-day attacks, denial-of-service exploits and advanced targeted attacks.

Consolidate Network Security to Reduce Cost and Maximize Enterprise Protection

Learn how McAfee Network Security Platform helps you realize greater consolidation benefits while minimizing project costs and disruption to your production environment.

Combating Advanced Persistent Threats

Learn how to prevent, detect, and remediate APTs.

Solving Critical Challenges of the Virtualized Data Center

Brocade and McAfee have partnered on a portfolio of offerings that seamlessly blend network innovations and security management to address the challenges of both physical and virtual environments.

The New Era of Botnets

This white paper examines how criminal bots have evolved, looks at the industry that supports their creation and distribution, and predicts where these threats are headed.