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McAfee COVID-19 Report Reveals Pandemic Threat Evolution

In this “Special Edition” threat report, we dive deep into the COVID-19 related attacks observed by our McAfee Advanced Threats Research and McAfee Labs teams in the first quarter of 2020 and the early months of the pandemic.

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On Dovorub: Linux Kernel Security Best Practices

Intro In a U.S. government cyber security advisory released today, the National Security Agency and Federal Bureau of Investigation warn of a previously undisclosed piece of Linux rootkit malware called Dovorub and attribute the threat to malicious actor APT28. The report is incredibly detailed and proposes several complementary detection techniques ...

Life at McAfee

Women in Sales Part 4: Achieving success through growth and balance

Women at McAfee are succeeding in cybersecurity sales. With an inclusive culture, raw talent, and passion, McAfee saleswomen continue to grow as professionals and people and seek to inspire women.  In the last few weeks, women at McAfee discussed opportunities in the field, offered insight into the necessary skills to succeed, and shared the distinguishing traits that defined their success.   Now, leading ...


How to ‘Online Date’ Safely in 2020

If you are a young person looking for your ‘special someone’ then 2020 would have seriously cramped your style. Whether you’ve been in lockdown, working from home or simply staying home to stay well, your social life would have taken a hit. So, it comes as no surprise that dating ...

McAfee Labs

Vulnerability Discovery in Open Source Libraries Part 1: Tools of the Trade

Executive Summary Open source has become the foundation for modern software development. Vendors use open source software to stay competitive and improve the speed, quality, and cost of the development process. At the same time, it is critical to maintain and audit open source libraries used in products as they ...


What Security Means to Elders

What Security Means to Elders Recently, we conducted a survey of 600 families and professionals in the U.S. to better understand what matters to them—in terms of security and the lives they want to lead online. The following article reflects what they shared with us, and allows us to share ...

Security Operations

How We’re Using AI to Usher in the Era of the “Smarter SOC”

In 2020, months seem to feel like years. Amid rapid change, adaptation is essential. Cyber threats are no exception to this rule. Technology can solve complex problems but can also be destabilizing. We think about this paradox regularly as artificial intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning gain prevalence in our field. ...

Life at McAfee

Women in Sales Part 3: Traits for Success in Cybersecurity Sales

At McAfee, women are finding the inclusiveness and tools to succeed in cybersecurity sales, a field often misconceived because of its technical background. They are doing so through perseverance, resolve, and the know-how to excel as sales professionals.  We recently kicked off our Women in Sales Series, which features inspiring women at McAfee. In Part 1, leading women discussed opportunities and in Part 2, they outlined the necessary skills to succeed.  This week meet more women at McAfee as they share their ...

McAfee Labs

Robot Character Analysis Reveals Trust Issues

Retired Marine fighter pilot and Top Gun instructor Dave Berke said “Every single thing you do in your life, every decision you make, is an OODA Loop.” OODA Loop? Observe–Orient–Decide–Act, the “OODA Loop” was originally developed by United States Air Force Colonel John Boyd and outlines that fundamentally all actions ...

McAfee Labs

Call an Exorcist! My Robot’s Possessed!

Overview As part of our continued goal of helping developers provide safer products for businesses and consumers, we here at McAfee Advanced Threat Research (ATR) recently investigated temi, a teleconference robot produced by Robotemi Global Ltd. Our research led us to discover four separate vulnerabilities in the temi robot, which ...

McAfee Labs

Dopple-ganging up on Facial Recognition Systems

Co-authored with Jesse Chick, OSU Senior and Former McAfee Intern, Primary Researcher. Special thanks to Dr. Catherine Huang, McAfee Advanced Analytics Team Special thanks to Kyle Baldes, Former McAfee Intern “Face” the Facts There are 7.6 Billion people in the world. That’s a huge number! In fact, if we all ...

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