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How McAfee Can Help You Scale Security to Employees Working from Home

We’re in a moment of rapid change for our IT environments. As companies shift from working in an office within their controlled network to working from home, many are finding that the architectures they have in place aren’t ready for the scalability and security challenges of a decentralized workforce.

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Cloud Security

CVE Vulnerability Scanning for Containers

At McAfee, our job is to help secure the workloads and data that our customers rely on to power their business.  This release of MVISION Cloud for Containers is about taking all the best practices around how these systems should be designed and giving customers a strong security foundation even ...


Smart Government and IoT: The Importance of Integration

How does one define “smart” in the digital age?  It can be argued that the term represents a creative solution driven by a precise mission.  To another, it’s defined by the latest machine learning (ML) algorithms and artificial intelligence (AI)-guided decision-making features in the newest release of a tool.  While ...

McAfee Labs

Transitioning to a Mass Remote Workforce – We Must Verify Before Trusting

While not a new practice, the sheer volume of people required to adhere to social distancing best practices means we now have a mass workforce working remotely. Most enterprises and SMBs can support working remotely today but many IT departments are not equipped to scale to the numbers currently required. ...

McAfee Labs

COVID-19 Threat Update – now includes Blood for Sale

Although the use of global events as a vehicle to drive digital crime is hardly surprising, the current outbreak of COVID-19 has revealed a multitude of vectors, including one in particular that is somewhat out of the ordinary. In a sea of offers for face masks, a recent posting on ...

Cloud Security

How an Attacker Could Use Instance Metadata to Breach Your App in AWS 

Moving to a cloud-native architecture for your enterprise applications can deliver tremendous business value, adding scale and agility while off-loading onerous tasks like patching and upgrading server infrastructure.   However, in every cloud environment, whether AWS, Azure, GCP or others, there is a new category of risk. Cloud-native threats stem from ...

Consumer Threat Notices

How Secure Is Video Conferencing?

As millions of people around the world practice social distancing and work their office jobs from home, video conferencing has quickly become the new norm. Whether you’re attending regular work meetings, partaking in a virtual happy hour with friends, or catching up with extended family across the globe, video conferencing is a ...

Family Safety

Internet Safety for Kids: A Refresher for Homebound Families

Editor’s Note: This is part II of our internet safety for kids series. Part I focuses on younger children and can be read here. Parents have always been concerned about keeping their kids safe online — especially their tweens and teens. That conversation is even more critical with parents and ...

Cloud Security

Choosing the Right Video Conferencing Service for you and your Enterprise

I have been asked, “Which is the best collaboration and videoconferencing service?” many times in the last few days as we need to communicate with our colleagues, business partners and customers when working remotely. Just like there’s no “best” car, there’s also no best collaboration service, but here’s a few ...

Cloud Security

Top 3 Data Visualization Capabilities in a CASB Solution

In the most recent Cloud Adoption and Risk Report generated by McAfee, 52% of the companies said they experience ‘better’ security in the cloud.  As enterprises move their most sensitive data assets to the cloud, they are making increased investments in CASB solutions to secure these data assets. Most security ...

McAfee Labs

Nemty Ransomware – Learning by Doing

Executive Summary The McAfee Advanced Threat Research Team (ATR) observed a new ransomware family named ‘Nemty’ on 20 August 2019. We are in an era where ransomware developers face multiple struggles, from the great work done by the security community to protect against their malware, to initiatives such as the ...

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