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McAfee Labs Threats Report: April 2021

In this edition, we present new findings in our traditional threat statistical categories – as well as our usual malware, sectors, and vectors – imparted in a new, enhanced digital presentation that’s more easily consumed and interpreted.

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McAfee Consumer News

The New McAfee: A Bold New World of Protection Online

This news has been some time in the making, and I’m terrifically excited to share it.   As of July 27th, we take a decisive step forward, one where McAfee places its sole focus on consumers. People like you. This marks the day we officially divest our enterprise business and dedicate ourselves to protecting people ...

Cloud Security

Introducing MVISION Cloud Firewall – Delivering Protection Across All Ports and Protocols

Architected for the cloud-first and remote-first deployments, MVISION Cloud Firewall secures access to applications and resources on the internet, accessed from every remote site and location, through a cloud-native service model. The solution inspects end-to-end user traffic – across all ports and protocols, enabling unified visibility and policy enforcement across ...

McAfee Labs

Babuk: Biting off More than they Could Chew by Aiming to Encrypt VM and *nix Systems?

Co-written with Northwave’s Noël Keijzer. Executive Summary For a long time, ransomware gangs were mostly focused on Microsoft Windows operating systems. Yes, we observed the occasional dedicated Unix or Linux based ransomware, but cross-platform ransomware was not happening yet. However, cybercriminals never sleep and in recent months we noticed that ...

McAfee Consumer News

It’s All About You: McAfee’s New All-Consumer Focus

This week, McAfee took an exciting new step in our journey—we are now a pure-play consumer company. What does that mean for consumers? It means that McAfee will be able to focus 100% of our talent and expertise on innovation and development that directly enables and improves the products and services that protect you and ...

Consumer Cyber Awareness

What is a VPN and Can it Hide My IP Address?

There’s a lot of misinformation about Virtual Private Networks, what they do, and the security benefits they offer. For this article, I’d like to do some myth-busting about how a VPN actually works and why you should use one.  What is a VPN and how does it protect me?  A VPN is an app that you install on your device to help keep your personal data safe as ...

Family Safety

9 Tips to Help Kids Avoid Popular App Scams

 There’s a lot of conversation going on right now around digital apps; only it’s not about TikTok or Twitch. Instead, it’s about the spike in the number of app scams taking place every day—many of them impacting younger consumers.  In a recent report from The Washington Post, nearly two percent of the apps downloaded from the Apple store in a single day were scams costing consumers an estimated $48 million. A similar report ...

Life at McAfee

My Journey from Intern to Principal Engineer

Written by Shuborno, Principal Engineer At McAfee, architects and engineers continuously have opportunities to make decisions that impact customers and propel exciting and meaningful careers. They also work with leaders focused on supporting their learning and growth. These truths have been constant and driving forces for me throughout my 15+ ...

Consumer Cyber Awareness

How to Secure Your Smart Home: A Step-by-Step Guide

How many rooms in your home contain a smart device? From Peloton bikes to showerheads with Bluetooth speakers, smart home technology is rapidly making its way into every room in every household. In fact, the number of smart households (those that contain smart home technology) in the U.S. is expected to grow to 77.05 million by 2025. But with new technology comes new challenges.   Many product designers rush to get ...

Consumer Cyber Awareness

Hybrid Workplace Vulnerabilities: 4 Ways to Promote Online Safety

Over the past year and a half, workers everywhere have gotten used to working from home. They have adopted an entirely new work from home mindset and diverted their weekly commuting hours to other productive and more enjoyable pursuits. As parts of the world return to a “new normal,” another change is on the way: ...


Was ist ein VPN und was bringt es?

Wer in letzter Zeit im Homeoffice gearbeitet hat oder öfter geschäftlich unterwegs ist, hat mit großer Wahrscheinlichkeit schon einmal von dem Begriff VPN (Virtual Private Network) gehört oder ein solches virtuelles privates Netzwerk bereits genutzt. Aber auch bei Privatanwendern gewinnt das VPN zunehmend an Bedeutung – und das aus ganz ...

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