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McAfee Labs

McAfee Labs Report Reveals Latest COVID-19 Threats and Malware Surges

The McAfee Advanced Threat Research team today published the McAfee Labs Threats Report: April 2021. In this edition, we present new findings in our traditional threat statistical categories – as well as our usual malware, sectors, and vectors – imparted in a new, enhanced digital presentation that’s more easily consumed ...

McAfee Labs

BRATA Keeps Sneaking into Google Play, Now Targeting USA and Spain

Recently, the McAfee Mobile Research Team uncovered several new variants of the Android malware family BRATA being distributed in Google Play, ironically posing as app security scanners. These malicious apps urge users to update Chrome, WhatsApp, or a PDF reader, yet instead of updating the app in question, they take ...

Executive Perspectives

AI Is Alive! But Not Without Our Help

“It’s alive! It’s alive!” Even if you haven’t seen the 1931 film Frankenstein, you are more than likely familiar with the story of the “monster” created by Victor Frankenstein. You may associate this cry from its titular character with the image of what Victor conjured finally opening its eyes and ...

McAfee Labs

McAfee ATR Threat Report: A Quick Primer on Cuba Ransomware

Executive Summary  Cuba ransomware is an older ransomware, that has recently undergone some development. The actors have incorporated the leaking of victim data to increase its impact and revenue, much like we have seen recently with other major ransomware campaigns.  In our analysis, we observed that the attackers had access to the network before the infection and were ...

McAfee Labs

McAfee Defender’s Blog: Cuba Ransomware Campaign

Cuba Ransomware Overview Over the past year, we have seen ransomware attackers change the way they have responded to organizations that have either chosen to not pay the ransom or have recovered their data via some other means. At the end of the day, fighting ransomware has resulted in the ...

Executive Perspectives

More Money, Less Problems: XDR Investment Can Protect the Financial Services Industry

The connection between cybersecurity and poet Ralph Waldo Emerson is not directly evident, however he once said, “money often costs too much.” This statement rings true across the financial services industry, as money is a key driver for cybercriminals acting with malicious intent. The always-on eye of Sauron on the ...


Prioritizing Security in a Remote Learning Environment 

Prioritizing Security in a Remote Learning Environment  Learning environments are not what they used to be, and as educational institutions deploy new technology to facilitate a safe and effective remote learning environment, their cyber vulnerabilities also increase. Canadian schools especially have seen a rise in ransomware attacks with the transition ...

Family Safety

Is the Clubhouse App a Safe Place for Kids to Hangout?

Is the Clubhouse App a Safe Place for Kids to Hangout? Most of us have fond summer memories of hanging out with friends in a secret clubhouse. However, this isn’t that. While the word clubhouse stirs up instant feelings of belonging to a group of friends, the digital Clubhouse app, ...

McAfee Labs

McAfee Defenders Blog: Reality Check for your Defenses

Welcome to reality Ever since I started working in IT Security more than 10 years ago, I wondered, what helps defend against malware the best? This simple question does not stand on its own, as there are several follow-up questions to that: How is malware defined? Are we focusing solely ...

Consumer Threat Notices

Protect Your Digital Wellness: Don’t Post Your Vaccination Card Online

Protect Your Digital Wellness: Don’t Post Your Vaccination Card Online  Think Twice Before Posting Your Vaccination Card on Social Media After much anticipation, you finally get a notification that you’re eligible to receive your COVID-19 vaccine. Upon getting your first dose, you may be eager to celebrate by sharing a ...

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