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Personalized recommendations so you can be as private as you want on social media
How Social Privacy Manager works:
  1. Scans your privacy settings on your connected social media accounts
  2. Makes suggestions to improve your privacy based on how you want to engage online
  3. Updates your privacy settings for you with just one click
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All-in-one protection

Identity Monitoring

Identity Monitoring

Monitor personal info like email accounts, phone numbers, and more. If any breaches are found, we’ll provide early alerts so you can take action.

Secure VPN

Secure VPN

McAfee unlimited VPN turns on automatically to protect your personal data and credit card info, so you can bank, shop, and browse online privately anywhere you go.



Rest easy knowing your mobile phones, tablets, and computers are protected from the latest threats with award-winning antivirus.* For Android devices only.

Privacy protection

Privacy protection

Protect your online privacy, no matter how you connect. We’ll help you find and remove your personal info from sites that sell it.

The confidence
of on-the-go protection

Android and iOS devices need mobile protection because they store your personal info. Our mobile app helps keep you safer, no matter how you connect online.

  • McAfee Scam ProtectionTM NEW
  • Antivirus Android only
  • System Scan for the latest updates iOS only
  • Safe Browsing​
  • Identity Monitoring
  • Online Account Cleanup
  • Personal Data Cleanup
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These answers might help.

Yes. Although less common, Android and iOS devices can still get viruses despite their built-in phone security. Threats like viruses and malware can enter through various external sources, such as third-party applications, malicious websites, and iMessage links, which pose a risk to the safety and security of your device.

Given this potential risk, your mobile device certainly benefits from having antivirus protection. A security app offers additional layers of defense against malicious software and works hand-in-hand with the security measures already built into your phone's operating system. Together with the protective measures integrated into your phone's operating system and secure VPN functionalities, these security apps assist you in detecting and steering clear of potential threats as you browse and use various online services.

Moreover, purchasing a mobile subscription offers the added advantage of securing multiple devices, including your laptop and desktop. This way, not only your mobile but also other digital platforms where you store sensitive information can be protected under a single subscription, which can cover up to five devices.

To safeguard your mobile device, Android users can download the McAfee Privacy & Security app from the Google Play store, while Apple users can find it on the App Store. Ensure a safer digital experience by installing the app and following the on-screen instructions.

Aside from downloading a reliable antivirus app, there are also preventive measures that can help you shield your phone against external threats. Here are some best practices to keep in mind:

When choosing an antivirus subscription, McAfee’s Free app is a valuable choice, offering essential features such as Wi-Fi Scan and a secure VPN for single device protection. However, since cybercriminals constantly evolve, our Basic and McAfee+ Advanced planscan deliver more holistic protection. These plans provide advanced features such as Identity Monitoring, which helps keep an eye on any unauthorized use of your personal information, Transaction Monitoring to secure your online financial activities, and Unlimited VPN for your mobile devices, offering a robust defense against cyber threats.

To combat threats specific to each operating system, our mobile security app has dedicated and separate features that work best with Android and Apple. Even though each operating system has its own set of features, we offer additional security for both platforms to tackle the latest malware and phishing attacks threatening mobile devices today.

Mobile malware and viruses can affect the performance of the device and the functionality of the stored applications. The symptoms of an infected phone can be easily detected by observing its behavior. Here are some straightforward ways to tell if your phone has caught a virus:

  • Your battery is draining quickly
  • Your phone is constantly lagging
  • You encounter pop-up ads frequently, wherever you go
  • You find unusual apps on your phone that you didn't download
  • Your downloaded apps are crashing constantly

You can use the McAfee Security Android app to scan for viruses. It gives you the option to delete the data or application infected with the virus, or to remove the actual malware itself. After this, you can restart or reset your mobile device and restore your content.

If you're considering enhancing your mobile security, it's straightforward to download the McAfee Privacy & Security app. Android users can download the app from the Google Play store, while Apple users can find it in the App Store. To get started, install the app and follow the on-screen instructions.