McAfee® PC Optimizer
cleans and boosts your PC
up to 89% faster!

Clean up and speed up your PC with just a few clicks for an instant boost to your system's performance.



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Windows® 11, 10, 8.1

How does McAfee optimize your PC?

Fast solution
Free up space on your PC

Declutter your PC by removing junk files, unneeded programs, temporary files, and more.

Easy to use
Improve PC speed

Remove unnecessary background processes or unneeded programs for improved PC performance and a faster start-up.

Browse & stream faster

Free up bandwidth from internet hogging devices or background services for uninterrupted browsing, gaming or streaming.

Instant boost at your fingertips​

Get an extra, on-demand performance boost whenever you need it by temporarily turning off background services.

Improving your PC one stat at a time

Fast solution


Faster downloads
Easy to use


Improved processor speed


Improved drive performance
Free vs Paid Antivirus

Unlock system resources to help
your computer run faster​

Give a boost to your PC’s hardware by reclaiming bandwidth from resource-hogging processes. We’ll speed up your system by improving the efficiency of your hard drive, memory, and more.

Free vs Paid Antivirus

How do I speed up my Windows PC?

One way you can boost your Windows PC performance is by scanning your drives for any unwanted data or unnecessary software, and cleaning up storage space. Additionally you can manually uninstall unnecessary software, limit your programs at startup, clean your internal drive, and reboot your computer. To simplify this process, consider using a PC Optimization software to start automating these performing enhancing tasks.

Free vs Paid Antivirus

Why is my Windows PC so slow?

One of the common reasons why PCs get slow is the number and the demands of the programs you’re running. Other common causes include insufficient disk space, unnecessary software updates, outdated drivers, and malware. PCs, on their own, don’t technically slow down with age. The reason for their decline in speed and performance is the introduction of demanding software that requires more powerful hardware.​

Free vs Paid Antivirus

How do I optimize my SSD and HDD?

Hard drives are one of the most essential components of your PC, but they’re also the weakest link. For this reason, you must regularly maintain and clean up your hard drives, whether HDD or SSD, to optimize your PC. McAfee PC Optimizer can help you with this, by improving your hard drive efficiency and deleting obsolete, unwanted files you don't need anymore.

Keep your computer running like new today​

McAfee PC Optimizer™ boosts your computer's processing speed and overall performance with just a few clicks. It's the perfect complement to your existing McAfee security subscription.



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1 year    10 PCs

For Windows® 11, 10, 8.1

*Promotional intro price shown is for first year.
See offer details.

System requirements

Operating system

Microsoft Windows 11, 10, 8.1 (32- and 64-bit). Windows Enterprise not supported.

Supported browsers

Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox.


512 MB RAM (2 GB recommended), 110 MB free drive space, Internet connection required.




These answers might help.

Free PC optimizers can offer basic, limited functions. They are helpful in cleaning up your PC and performing minor tweaks to speed your system. However, only free PC optimizers from legitimate and licensed software companies are safe, so exercise caution when downloading a free application online.

Windows has a built-in PC diagnostics tool called Performance Monitor, while Mac and other brands are mostly compatible with third-party tools. You can use built-in or third-party tools to easily check the performance of your PC. If you wish to do this manually, you can check the overall performance of your PC in the following areas: word processing, streaming, web browsing, spreadsheet jockeying, gaming, and videoconferencing.

PCs, on their own, don’t technically slow down with age. The reason for their decline in speed and performance is the introduction of demanding software programs that require more powerful hardware and the accumulation of unused files. Hardware degradation can also be a culprit of slowdowns, depending on how the user maintains the PC.

McAfee PC Optimizer is a standalone application that requires a separate subscription and helps improve the performance of your PC by cleaning up unnecessary files and processes. It's the perfect companion to McAfee Total Protection so that you can both stay safer and be more efficient online.

You can use your McAfee PC Optimizer on up to 10 PCs.

PC Optimizer scans your computer to find files and processes that may be taking up space and resources. Then, we'll help remove those so you can enjoy your life online – without the frustrating lag.

Please visit our Support portal for additional help.