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McAfee and Intel Showcase AI-Powered Deepfake Detection Technology on the AI PC at RSA

May 06, 2024


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McAfee’s 2024 Tax Scam Study Reveals a National Average of $8,199 Per Person** Lost to Tax-Related Phishing and Smishing Scams

April 10, 2024


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McAfee Research Unveils Tax Troubles: 1 in 4 Americans Lose Money to Online Tax Scams

March 21, 2024


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Our latest report — “Beware the Artificial Impostor”

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Artificial intelligence (AI) technology is fueling a rise in online voice scams, with just three seconds of audio required to clone a person’s voice.

McAfee surveyed 7,054 people from seven countries and found that a quarter of adults had previously experienced some kind of AI voice scam, with 1 in 10 targeted personally and 15% saying it happened to someone they know. 77% of victims said they had lost money as a result.

In this report, McAfee Labs security researchers reveal their insights and analysis from an in-depth study of AI voice-cloning technology and cybercriminal use.

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