McAfee's Online Protection for Employees

Digital Wellness as a benefit

In the new norm of working from home, digital protection is just as critical as health, dental, and vision coverage. Help your employees stay safe and confident online with McAfee Total Protection Ultimate. They’ll get award-winning security, their own personal Protection Score, and simple guidance to help protect their identity, their privacy, and all their devices.

McAfee Total Protection Ultimate

Provide your employees with all-in-one online protection that includes McAfee Identity Theft Protection services as well as privacy protection and device security for their computers and smartphones.

Protection Score

Simple steps to better protection

Knowing how safe you are is the first step toward a better life online. An industry first, Protection Score checks the health of your employee’s online security and provides simple steps to fix weak spots and stay safe.

Privacy Protection

Employee data privacy is company data privacy. Protect their data with VPN that can be set to automatically turn on when connecting to an unsecured network and help them generate the strongest possible passwords for their logins without making it a hassle.

Automatic VPN

Our secure virtual private network turns on automatically when connecting to unsecured Wi-Fi to help protect sensitive information like account info and credit card numbers. Employees can browse anonymously and with confidence knowing their information is protected with bank-grade encryption.

Password Manager

Password manager makes it easy for employees to better secure accounts by generating and storing strong, unique passwords. A unique password used for each account prevents one login breach from potentially affecting the security of other accounts.

Safe Browsing

Employees can keep their personal info private using our color-coded links to guide them away from dangerous websites on search results and social media pages. We’ll help protect them from phishing attacks, tech scams, and even block downloads that might contain viruses.

Device Protection

Get powerful protection and performance optimization for the whole family's devices so they can bank, shop and browse online with confidence.

Award-winning Antivirus

Industry-leading protection from the latest malware, ransomware, and phishing threats. Our award-winning antivirus allows your employees and their families to enjoy life online knowing their computers, tablets, and mobile phones are protected 24/7. Simple to install, easy to use, and always up to date.


Your employee’s files and information will be protected from unauthorized access when they’re connected to the internet.

Unlimited Device Protection

Powerful security and performance optimization for unlimited devices to protect the employee’s family’s computers, tablets, and smartphones, without slowing them down.

Parental Controls

Help your employees make the digital world safer for their kids with the ability to know what they're up to online, guard them from harm and limit their screen time.

Identity Theft Protection

We’ll help your employees monitor their personal information and notify them if action is needed. We'll provide simple steps to quickly and effectively protect their identity and improve their online security.

Should the unexpected happen, your employees are backed by $1M in ID theft coverage for lawyer fees, travel expenses, lost wages and more. Our ID restoration specialists are also on-hand and will do much of the work to recover and repair the identity and credit, freeing up valuable time.

Dark Web Monitoring

Employees can plug in their personally identifiable info for monitoring, such as SSN, bank accounts, credit cards, email addresses and passwords. If we detect that your employee’s data was stolen, they’ll be alerted immediately, giving them time to take action before their data may be used illegally.


ID Restoration Specialists

Licensed experts, available 24/7/365, are able to use limited power-of attorney to do the heavy lifting for identity recovery, taking all necessary steps to repair identity and credit.

$1 Million Identity Theft Coverage

Recovering from identity fraud can be expensive. We’ll help relieve the burden with $1M coverage for lawyer fees, travel expenses, lost wages and more. If money was stolen directly from a bank account, we'll also reimburse up to $10,000 stolen funds.

SSN Trace

Using the same technology for conducting background checks, SSN Trace gives your employees access to the same level of detail with associated names, historical addresses, and date of birth. We’ll let your employees know if someone else is attempting to use their SSN as their own.

Lost Wallet Support

Dealing with a lost wallet can cause significant downtime for your employee. If IDs, credit, and debit cards are lost or stolen we’ll help get them cancelled and replaced with minimal effort for your employee. Give them access to expert guidance and make this process a breeze.

Credit Services

Credit reports, scores and more can be helpful to track and alert when new accounts are opened in the employee’s name so they can act quickly to avoid damage to their credit score and finances.